Chantilly, VA
July 30 - Aug 3, 2014

Full Weekend:
Registration: $67


All registered MOCs:

"Aegon's Landing" [C] Nicholas Souné Pop Culture
"Back to the Future" DeLorean Time Machine [C] Ryan Tyrrell Pop Culture
"Battle at Sea!" Aerial Attack! [C] Preston Military
"Complete the loop" Train [C] Tom Atkinson Great Ball Contraption
"Get down, you damn fool!": Lincoln at Fort Stevens [C] John M. Rudy Historical
"How in the holy heck did you possibly kill this truck?" (WIP) [C] Brian Lint Pop Culture
"I only work in black and sometimes very, very dark..... [C] Care for Your Heart Other
"Lego RPG: The Movie" 10th Anniversary [C] Ryan Tyrrell Vignette
"Negligible Lime" [C] Jordan Wolfman Micro-Space
"Robert's Rebellion" [C] Nicholas Souné Pop Culture
"Spirit of Brickshore Beach" [C] Reid Watercraft
"Studsville" [C] Timothy Allwein Town, Buildings & Street Scene
"That is no way to wake up an old man!" [C] Ryan Tyrrell Vignette
"The Birds" by Hitchcock [C] Cubmaster, Gravely Pop Culture
"The Red Dragon" v2.0 [C] Andy Other
"The Separator" [C] Andy Space
#30 BrickABe Way [C] Kristi Brooks Train
'White Bear' Snowmobile Team [C] Evan Melick Military
??? [C] Private Bionicle
04 [C] Dene Quest Space
1. New Recuits [C] Greyson Beights Vignette
10th Doctor [C] Mariann Asanuma Mosaic
11th doctor Sonic Screwdriver [C] Ethan Johnson Pop Culture
16 cylinder Radial Engine with Variable Pitch Prop. [C] Daniel Martz Technic
1972 Chevy El Camino [C] SCOTT Train
25 MOCs

366 registrants (out of 967) have registered 1,631 MOCs.