Manchester, NH
April 30 - May 3, 2015

Full Weekend:
Registration: $65


All registered MOCs:

Title Registrant Theme
"Complete the loop" Train [C] Tom Atkinson  24 MOCs Great Ball Contraption
A rose by any other name [C] BocoBrix LOVE! (This Year Only)
A Trek Through the Tundra [C] Brick_Builder_9000  4 MOCs Mixed
A34 Comet [C] Tomcat Bobcat  19 MOCs Military
Ahh... L'amour [C] Dang it !  2 MOCs LOVE! (This Year Only)
Akaboh [C] Greixinn (Greg)  55 MOCs Bionicle
Akhmou [C] Greixinn (Greg)  55 MOCs Bionicle
American Gothic [C] Andy Price  12 MOCs Vignette
Angonce [C] Greixinn (Greg)  55 MOCs Bionicle
Aquarius [C] Greixinn (Greg)  55 MOCs Bionicle
Arctic 2.5: "Big Bertha" [C] Alex Smith  9 MOCs Mixed
Arctic 2.5: All-Terrain Ice Block Breaker [C] Alex Smith  9 MOCs Mixed
Arctic 2.5: Amphibious Plane [C] Alex Smith  9 MOCs Aircraft
Arctic 2.5: Scout Helicopter [C] Alex Smith  9 MOCs Mixed
Arctic 2.5: Titan Snowplow [C] Alex Smith  9 MOCs Mixed
Arm-y Module [C] Stuart Roll  12 MOCs Great Ball Contraption
Artakha [C] Greixinn (Greg)  55 MOCs Bionicle
Artificial Heart [C] Black 5ix  7 MOCs LOVE! (This Year Only)
Asbolus Mk. 3 [C] Tomcat Bobcat  19 MOCs Military
Astro Miners: Grappler [C] Alex Smith  9 MOCs Space
Astro Miners: Zero-G Torpedo Drill [C] Alex Smith  9 MOCs Space
Atlas II [C] Tomcat Bobcat  19 MOCs Military
Automaton in Orange [C] Iggins  29 MOCs Space
Avohkaan [C] Greixinn (Greg)  55 MOCs Bionicle
Avohkii [C] Greixinn (Greg)  55 MOCs Bionicle
25 MOCs

41 registrants (out of 133) have registered 277 MOCs.