Chantilly, VA
July 29 - Aug 2, 2015

Full Weekend:
Registration: $67
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and save $15)


All registered MOCs:

Title Registrant Theme
" Four Days Out " [C] Citizen Brick Enthusiast  2 MOCs Pop Culture
"Battle at Sea!" Air Attack! [C] Preston  4 MOCs Military
"Complete the loop" Train [C] Tom Atkinson  17 MOCs Great Ball Contraption
"Hard Landing!" Establishing a Beachhead! [C] Preston  4 MOCs Military
"Vive L'Empereur!" [C] Gary Brooks  7 MOCs Historical
¡Viva Pablo! [C] Dreams of Farm Animals  16 MOCs Mosaic
'White Bear' Snowmobile Team [C] Evan Melick  12 MOCs Military
101 City Place [C] Rob Bender Town, Buildings & Street Scene
1106 Toliver Ln [C] The /\rchitect  7 MOCs Steampunk
221b Baker Street [C] ChatLUG  2 MOCs Pop Culture
24 karat stud [C] Billy Mohr  5 MOCs LOVE! (This Year Only)
2nd Patapsco Bank Bldg, CA 1886 [C] Walter Lee  2 MOCs Historical
501st AT-RT (All-Terrain Recon Transport) [C] Joshua Reisenfeld  4 MOCs Pop Culture
97" Long Warren Truss Bridge [C] Walter Lee  2 MOCs Town, Buildings & Street Scene
A Day unlike any other [C] Aidan Lansburgh Pop Culture
A Long Way Gone: A Walking Dead Prison MOC [C] Private ApocaLEGO
A rose by any other name [C] Impaired Speed Builder  6 MOCs LOVE! (This Year Only)
Afol Avenue [C] Dustin Tran  6 MOCs Town, Buildings & Street Scene
AH-5 "Chogenbo" [C] Matt Hacker  12 MOCs Aircraft
Airboat [C] Zach Pabis  5 MOCs Watercraft
Airship [C] Mike Bader  4 MOCs Steampunk
AMX "Hunchback" Mobile Gun Platform [C] John Stephens  14 MOCs Mecha
AMX-110P Leeuw Infantry Fighting Vehicle [C] Sir Skooby Carter  7 MOCs Military
An Extraordinary Abundance of Tinge Robot [C] Steelmill22  7 MOCs Other
Angle Conveyor [C] Zach Pabis  5 MOCs Great Ball Contraption
25 MOCs

173 registrants (out of 786) have registered 595 MOCs.