Chantilly, VA
July 29 - Aug 2, 2015

Full Weekend:
Registration: $67
(Pay by 7/11/15
and save $15)


All registered MOCs:

Title Registrant Theme
"Vive L'Empereur!" [C] Gary Brooks  6 MOCs Historical
¡Viva Pablo! [C] Dreams of Farm Animals  16 MOCs Mosaic
A Day unlike any other [C] Aidan Lansburgh  2 MOCs Pop Culture
A rose by any other name [C] Impaired Speed Builder  5 MOCs LOVE! (This Year Only)
Apocalyptic Technical 4x4 [C] Codey Kluczynski ApocaLEGO
Apollo, Bane of Zeus [C] Alex Borra  5 MOCs Bionicle
Arkham Asylum [C] Ian Gaadt Pop Culture
Arm-y Module [C] Stuart Roll  14 MOCs Great Ball Contraption
Artificial Heart [C] Andrew Bulthaupt  7 MOCs LOVE! (This Year Only)
Attack on Clone Factory [C] Bobby Scotto-Lavino Pop Culture
Avohkah Tamer [C] Dreams of Farm Animals  16 MOCs Bionicle
Ball Train Transport [C] Stuart Roll  14 MOCs Great Ball Contraption
Batman [C] Aidan Lansburgh  2 MOCs Pop Culture
Battle of Endor [C] Martin Harris  2 MOCs Pop Culture
Battle Of Ord Mantell [C] ZACHARY JONES Military
Battle Of Peleliu [C] Caden Burton  3 MOCs Military
Battle on Tython [C] Justin Straight  2 MOCs Pop Culture
Battle Ship [C] Lincoln's Legos  4 MOCs Other
BF110 [C] Erik P  13 MOCs Military
BioniLUG Mosaic [C] Andrew Bulthaupt  7 MOCs Bionicle
BLACK SIX [C] Patrick Biggs  2 MOCs + Bionicle
Black Swan Tavern on Market Day [C] Gary Brooks  6 MOCs Castle, Knights, Viking, Pirates
Block House Dicenator [C] Marcus Lemasters  3 MOCs Other
Blue running shoe [C] Maddison Stapleton  2 MOCs Sculpture
BNSF GE Evo ES44DC [C] Andrew Mollmann  6 MOCs Train
25 MOCs

77 registrants (out of 586) have registered 189 MOCs.