Manchester, NH
April 30 - May 3, 2015

Full Weekend:
Registration: $65
(Pay by 4/15/15
and save $15)


All registered MOCs:

Title Registrant Theme
Ahh... L'amour [C] Dang it ! LOVE! (This Year Only)
American Gothic [C] Andy Price Vignette
Artificial Heart [C] Andrew Bulthaupt LOVE! (This Year Only)
Batman Mosaic [C] Dang it ! Mosaic
Battle of Bougainville [C] Falconi brick's Military
Battle on a Grassy Plain [C] Nick Sanford Pop Culture
BioniLUG Mosaic [C] Andrew Bulthaupt Bionicle
Blue and Red Archer Mech [C] Iggins Mecha
Blue Furry Monster [C] Iggins Mixed
Boldo [C] Noah Michaud Bionicle
City Vehicles [C] Truckie Town, Buildings & Street Scene
Color Chart [C] Toddy Webby Mixed
Defender of Fire [C] Andrew Bulthaupt Bionicle
defense of Leningrad [C] Falconi brick's Military
Demon Transformer [C] Iggins Mixed
Futuristic Jungle Home. [C] Iggins Space
Gala [C] Noah Michaud Bionicle
Gargax [C] Noah Michaud Bionicle
Giant Olive and Gold Robot [C] Iggins Mecha
Giant Squid Transformer [C] Iggins Mixed
Glass Spider [C] Iggins Mixed
Haku [C] Noah Michaud Bionicle
Hamlet's New Apartment [C] Andy Price Vignette
Huragok Lord of Demons [C] Noah Michaud Bionicle
Interstellar Mobile home in Medium Blue with Pastoral Landing Dock [C] Iggins Space
25 MOCs

12 registrants (out of 68) have registered 66 MOCs.