Birmingham, AL
January 15 - 18, 2015

Full Weekend:
Registration: $65
(Pay by 12/31/14
and save $15)


All registered MOCs:

Title Registrant Theme
"Complete the loop" Train [C] Tom Atkinson Great Ball Contraption
918 the Micro [C] Alexander Bell Micro-Space
Ahh... L'amour [C] Vyron Wynter LOVE! (This Year Only)
Air Force Symbol [C] Hawkeye Mosaic
Alabama Power Corporate Headquarters [C] Wesley A. Higgins Historical
American Carnival [C] Carney man Town, Buildings & Street Scene
Ball Black Hole [C] Tom Atkinson Great Ball Contraption
Ball Counter [C] Tom Atkinson Great Ball Contraption
Ball Tosser [C] Tom Atkinson Great Ball Contraption
Batman Mosaic [C] Vyron Wynter Mosaic
Battle of Dantooine [C] CJ Wilson Pop Culture
Battle of Gela; Sicily 1943 [C] Private Military
Battle of Tri-Biome Hills [C] Alexander Angle Military
Battle on the bridge [C] Kyle Hampton Castle, Knights, Viking, Pirates
Battle on Umbara [C] Noah Hennings Pop Culture
BioniLUG Mosaic [C] Andrew Bulthaupt Bionicle
Call of duty ghost: Extinction [C] LegoWW2Reviews Pop Culture
Classic Pizzeria [C] Cpt. Willey Town, Buildings & Street Scene
Coastal Guard Tower [C] Jennifer Garlen Castle, Knights, Viking, Pirates
Conveyor and Ramp (v2.1) [C] Tom Atkinson Great Ball Contraption
Desktop Space Shuttle [C] Lee Burns Space
Doctor Who: WW2 The Great Battle For London [C] LEGO MANIAC! Pop Culture
Filming The Lego Movie [C] Cpt. Willey Pop Culture
Friend's Rapunzel Tower [C] Alexander Bell Pop Culture
25 MOCs

31 registrants (out of 183) have registered 86 MOCs.