Secaucus, NJ
October 29 - Nov 1, 2020

Full Weekend:
Registration: $85
(Pay by 10/15/20
and save $15)


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World Of Lights
Annual Theme
Vignette Swap

Vendor Info

New Jersey-Specific:

Vendors are required to register with the State Of New Jersey and to collect 7% tax on all sales.

The deadline is... whenever tables sell out.  And they sell out early.

All 42 tables are sold.  Try other BrickFairs.  The table-count may increase, but don't count on it.  Once the map is drawn there is no more room for late-comers.

Yes, the MEC is huge, but regardless, we limit vendor tables to keep the focus on the MOCs.  Procrastinate at your own risk.

30% of planned vendor tables are up for grabs beginning Friday, May 1st 2020.  The other 70% are held for specific returning vendors until Apr 29th.  Any unclaimed holds will also be up for grabs.

Vendor tables are $300 each (in addition to your registration fee).