Charlotte, NC
March 21 - 24, 2019

Vendor Info

North Carolina-Specific:

At the present time there are no known special alerts for vendors.

The deadline is... whenever tables sell out.  And they sell out early.

All 56 tables are sold.  Try other BrickFairs.  The table-count may increase, but don't count on it.  Once the map is drawn there is no more room for late-comers.

Yes, the Park Expo is huge, but regardless, we limit vendor tables to keep the focus on the MOCs.  Procrastinate at your own risk.

30% of planned vendor tables are up for grabs beginning Sunday, Sep 23rd 2018.  The other 70% are held for specific returning vendors until Sep 21st.  Any unclaimed holds will also be up for grabs.

Vendor tables are $200 each (in addition to your registration fee).