Chantilly, VA
July 28 - Aug 1, 2021

Vendor Info


Virginia vendors and their families are prohibited from participating in yard sales. I realize this seems harsh and perhaps arbitrary, but fact is yard sale is very popular and the tables are limited. If a vendor truly has a family member who wants to sell LEGO stuff, I recommend that vendor provide an "island table" in front of their booth during AFOL days. If you strongly wish to participate you can see the yard sale coordinator for a "runner up" sign-up sheet. If any tables are leftover, you can have a spot - at the discretion of the yard sale coordinator. Only BrickFair-supplied tables will be used for the yard sales; providing your own tables will not alter the physical shape/layout of the yard sale. We are not able to accommodate everyone, and we're not trying to. Yard sale tables are limited and so are our energy and our capabilities. The yard sales will be only as big as our coordinators make them.

All Information Is Here

Read these Vendor info pages.  All vendor info is available here.  There's almost nothing we can tell you by email or phone which isn't already included here.

Many Vendors, 1 Sponsor

BrickFair has many vendors filling many tables.  Tables are limited.  When tables are sold out there is no other method, no shortcut to getting tables.

BrickFair has just one sponsor at each show.  When the sponsor slot is filled, there is no room for additional sponsors.

Tables Already Filled? (most likely)

BrickFair vendor tables tend to sell out in one night.  When tables are all sold, get on the Wait-List.  The top 3 or 4 people on the Wait-List have a decent chance of getting in; we usually have one or two dropouts in the final 14 days before the event.

Get on the Wait-List.  Get on the Wait-List.  That's what you want to do right now.  Get on the Wait-List now.


All vendor products must be LEGO-related.  We are a LEGO show.

The only place we permit non-LEGO sales is our one sponsor booth.  Our one sponsor position is open to all businesses.  If the sponsor position is filled (it's usually bought up a year in advance), there is no option for additional non-LEGO vendors.