Chantilly, VA
July 28 - Aug 1, 2021

Vendor Info

This page updated August 9, 2017

Vendors are invited to distribute flyers.

Flyers in Goodie Bag

Supply as many flyers as you like.  We recommend 1,100+.  In Virginia in 2021 we anticipate ~1,100 registrants.

Typically only one or two vendors opt to give goodie bag flyers.  Deliver these to BrickFair on time and we'll insert them for you.

Deadline: If sending paper-only flyers, they must be received by Jul 23rd 2021.  If sending bulky flyers (ie: LEGO swag), they must be received by Jul 13th 2021.  After these dates, you are welcome to bring flyers and insert them yourself at the event - a task we do not recommend.

Exit Table

The Exit Table was phased out and is no longer an option.

To supply flyers, you can:

A) Bring your flyers to Chantilly yourself, or

B) Mail flyers to our mailing address.