Birmingham, AL
January 14 - 17, 2021

Full Weekend:
Registration: $85
(Pay by 12/31/20
and save $15)


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Vendor Info

Tables are arranged for optimal use of space and best traffic flow.  Vendors select their tables in order of date paid.

Some vendors will end up abutting others.  Most vendors have 30" gaps between neighbors, allowing access to your tables.  Some will require walking behind others' tables for access.  Public aisles are kept as ample as possible (14' to 17').  Vendor tables are $275 each (in Alabama) in addition to your registration fee.  Prices differ at other events.

NEW June 7, 2018: The vendor area is typically made of small islands, ergo most vendors will be on a corner, not a straight line of tables.

You will get:

  • A 30"x8' table.
    A linen is included, or you may use your own.

  • A banner ad on our public vendors page.
    After your vendor signup is complete with payment, and you've received the Welcome-Vendor email, see your account page to upload your banner and edit your ad.

  • Four feet (or so) walking space behind your tables.

  • "Background" tables behind you (also 30" deep), where possible.
    Most will will have this, but in a few places it doesn't work out.

  • Flyer In Goodie Bag.
    Optional.  See "Flyers" tab.

  • Electricity.
    Within extension cord reach.