Chantilly, VA
August 4 - 5, 2018


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BrickWarriors - Custom Weapons, Helmets, Armor, and Minifigs

Premium custom sci-fi minifigures and accessories

Premium Printed Minifigs and Bricks

For all your custom LEGO needs

Vintage/classic/rare sets, Brickforge, tasty accessories, MTW kits

Small Lights for Big Ideas- the best way to bring MOCs to life!

Official BrickFair t-shirts.

The LEGO fans' de facto community magazine.

Brick Creations for the young & young at heart!

Minifigs and Tons of Bricks

Bow Ties, Jewelry, Hair Accessories & Christmas Ornaments


Some vendor products are arts-and-crafts style merchandise, including custom-molded elements and re-used LEGO elements modified from their original form.  The LEGO Group does not authorize or endorse these items.

All vendor tables are SOLD OUT.  Vendor info.  Sponsor info.