Secaucus, NJ
October 31 - Nov 3, 2019


Volunteers are 18+year-old paid exhibitors.  We do not accept public visitors as volunteers.

Theme Leaders help exhibitors find space to set up MOCs, ensure the MOC setup process is smooth and that MOCs are evenly spread around.  Got questions?  Contact your Theme Leader directly from here.

Theme Leader
Mixed (+Aircraft, Historical, Military, Mosaic, Watercraft) Michael Bader

Space (+ApocaLEGO, Bionicle, Mecha, Moonbase, Steampunk) Andrew Bulthaupt

Pop Culture (+Castle) Duncan Lindbo

MOOON & BEYOND (+Micro, Micro-Space, Sculpture, Vignette) KC Ross

Train (+Town & Street) Daniel Pikora

Great Ball Contraption Stuart Roll

MINDSTORMS (+Technic) Jon Lazar

7 theme leaders in 7 categories.