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May 25th 2018


One of the creators of Brick MADNESS, the new AFOL mockumentary is bringing his film to BF/VA just for us exhibitors.

The movie will be featured in a meeting room at the Holiday Inn across the parking lot, affording us an opportunity to take a break from the expo hall, and to enjoy the movie in a genuinely dark room!

May 25th 2018

Charlotte, North Carolina

BrickFair NC is coming in Spring 2019!  This is the first stop of our new Spring show that will travel to different cities each year!

Tell your AFOL friends!  Tell your foes.  Tell the world!

BrickFair will bring all the fun, games, and LEGO set prizes.  We need you, the exhibitors, to bring the MOCs and party mood to our LEGO celebration :)

May 23rd 2018

Riddle Me This

Upon checking-in you will find the usual Word Search with Riddle inside your program guide.  Unlike years past, the Riddle is no longer limited to just the Word Search pages; clues to the Riddle may be found anywhere within your souvenir program guide.

One - exactly one - LEGO set prize awaits the first person to solve the riddle!  There is no prize for second place.

Hint: Clearly, those who check-in early Wednesday have an advantage over those checking in later.

May 22nd 2018

One Free Public Ticket

A reminder to all - and news to you first-timers - that your exhibitor goodie bag includes one free public ticket, valid on BrickFair Sunday. So if you're expecting a visit from family or friends while displaying, you can save them the cost of one ticket. If you're a family of three exhibiting together, that's three free public tickets to share.

Alas, the tickets are paper, and are in your goodie bag when you check-in. It is not possible to receive your ticket in advance.

Apr 30th 2018

Dan Steininger, Master Model Builder

BrickFair is excited to announce special guest Dan Steininger, former LEGO Master Model Builder of the LEGO Group.  Dan has spent the last 24 years with the LEGO company constructing breathtaking models at public events around the world.  He's an inspiration to many brick artists and will be joining up this August for BrickFair Virigina!

Dan will be be available Friday to engage with and answer questions from all our awesome exhibitors.  Additionally, he'll be hosting a presentation that day that dives into his creative process and history with brick building on a massive scale.  On Saturday and Sunday, Dan will be constructing a super-sized model of the BrickFair logo with the help of ColonialLUG and our public visitors!