Chantilly, VA
July 31 - Aug 1, 2021

Full Weekend:
Registration: $90
(Pay by 7/12/21
and save $20)


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Mini-Con is being phased out in 2017.

You built your MOC, now build it again!  But smaller.  Read the Mini-Con specs.

Every exhibitor (especially those bringing a MOC 3 square feet or larger) is strongly encouraged to build a Mini-Con version of the same MOC to be included in the Mini-Con display!

Smaller MOCs might also fit onto Mini-Con.  Come see how your MOC would look in miniature form.  And how about building a Mini-Con version of yourself?  Mini-Con needs people!

BrickFair supplies baseplate floors, standard white tables, and light-bley stanchions.  You supply your MOCs!

Mini-Con example 2

In this island, the train club provided their own black tables and included a few major features, which makes it easily recognizable as a town/train layout.

Mini-Con example 1

Don't worry about registering your Mini-Con MOC.  Just build it and bring it!

This scale is so small that most FOLs can build a Mini-Con MOC on site with just a few spare pieces.  So even if you forget to build, or don't have parts to build a Mini-Con version of your MOC, you can probably whip together your Mini-Con version at the event.

People Examples