Chantilly, VA
August 2 - 6, 2017


News for exhibitors.  Our occasional "BrickFair News" emails are culled directly from this page.

Jun 12th 2017

First-Timer Games

Newly added games: First-Timer Dirty Buildster and First-Timer Draft.

These games are brand new additions to BF/VA and are open to first-timers only! (you know how you are)

Sign-up at

Jun 11th 2017

Upload Your Avatar

Really!  You need to do this!  Your goodie bag will include a White 2x4 Tile custom printed with your uploaded image.  Custom printed LEGO pieces sell for $2 to $4 easily; this one is included in your exhibitor fee.  Be sure to upload an image!

Upload yours.

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Jun 10th 2017

Awesome Con Next THIS Weekend

If you're in the BF/VA area (eg: Washington DC), and enjoy spending time in imaginary worlds, check out Awesome Con this Friday through Sunday, June 16-18, 2017!

Astronaut Chris Hadfield will attend Future Con at Awesome Con to host StarTalk Live! on Friday, June 16.  Meet Count Gore De Vol, David Tennant, Edgar Wright, Felicia Day, Jerry "The King" Lawler, Phil LaMarr, Stan Lee, Wil Wheaton, and many more.

Jun 9th 2017

BF/VA Tickets Available Online

Public tickets available online to BrickFair VA.  Fewer advance tickets will be available than past years, now that we understand that the County lowered the Expo Center's maximum occupancy.  Advance tickets purchased through also receive a BrickFair exclusive printed tile valued at $2.

As always, exhibitors will receive one free public ticket in their goodie bag.  This year's free ticket is limited to Sunday only (because Sunday is always less crowded than Saturday).

Jun 8th 2017

Pharaoh's Labyrinth Collaborative Display

From exhibitor Ken Rice:

The Pharaoh's Labyrinth collab has been a feature of BrickFair VA for 5 years.  We're seeking new MOCs and participants!

Are you a fan of Indiana Jones, Rick O'Connell (The Mummy movies series) or LEGO's own Johnny Thunder (Adventurers theme)?  Join us in creating or recreating exciting archaeological adventure scenes from the past, present or future.  Help our intrepid minifig adventurers seek treasure, excitement, and glory.

Floor level: A baseplate, and brick, a plate and a tile.
Walls: A baseplate, 9 bricks, 2 plates and a tile.
Front 8 studs are for walkways and doors connecting modules.
Preferred color: Tan.
These are guidelines and not required.
See example MOC and the standard. ← fixed links!