Marlborough, MA
May 4 - 7, 2017

Full Weekend:
Registration: $75
(Pay by 4/21/17
and save $15)



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News for exhibitors.  Our occasional "BrickFair News" emails are culled directly from this page.

Mar 25th 2017

Free Public Ticket

First-time exhibitors, upon checking-in at BF/NE you will receive a goodie bag with fun BrickFair swag.  Included is one ticket for free public entry on BrickFair Sunday.  If your family is coming to visit you at the show, you will already have one free ticket for Sunday.

This free ticket - like all prepaid tickets - grants entry to the show at 10:00am, an hour earlier than the at-the-door entry.  Give your family an early, quieter visit :)

Mar 24th 2017

Register Your MOCs

Hey kids, this is our once-per-event reminder that mapping out the show depends upon you registering your MOCs.

When registering, you specify the size of your MOC, and whether it belongs to a collaborative display or a theme.  This helps us design a show layout that spreads displays evenly, reduces bare tables, and puts like-minded builders together (eg: Bionicle, Star Wars) which encourages mingling and camaraderie among FOLs.

Mar 21st 2017


Did we mention, you can work for BrickFair?  Earn some free LEGO plus cash as well?  This is new in 2017.  See the Pods listed at  (click a pod to see summary of hours)

Bounce Houses, Coin Ops, Derby, and Go Fish earn $145-$375/person in cash and LEGO sets.  Some pods require 2 hosts, others just 1 person.  Pod work is typically during public hours.

Sound interesting?  Let us know!

PS: We realize many public visitors subscribe to our BrickFair News email.  Please be aware BrickFair hires only registered exhibitors from within our show.  If you are interested in showing off your LEGO creations register at

Mar 19th 2017

Upload Your Avatar Tile

Our registration is up 17% over last year - woo hoo!  We love a growing show!  We may reach 200 exhibitors this year :)

Alas, only 21 Avatar images have been uploaded :\  Your Avatar is your own original image printed onto a 2x4 white tile.  Every goodie bag includes one.  If you don't upload an image you'll receive a default Avatar.  But your own unique image is so much cooler!  Upload your Avatar image from your account page.

Mar 10th 2017

Hotel Price Correction

For those who already booked rooms at the Best Western at $115/night, your reservation should already be corrected to $112.  I'm unsure if they called everyone about it, or if they simply silently made the correction.  Feel free to call Best Western and confirm your corrected rate.

Our Best Western rate is $112/night (base rate, 1- and 2-occupancy).