Marlborough, MA
May 4 - 7, 2017


News for exhibitors.  Our occasional "BrickFair News" emails are culled directly from this page.

Apr 25th 2017

Last-Minute Challenge

LEGO® is sponsoring another yearlong building contest!  One winner will be selected from each participating event (one person will win at BF/NE, and another at BF/VA, and yet another at BF/NJ).  Each winner will receive both Creator sets #31065 and #31068 :)

To enter, use only one of the following Creator sets:
- 31042 Super Soarer, or
- 31056 Green Cruiser, or
- 31057 Air Blazer, or
- 31058 Mighty Dinosaurs.
Build a 4th model using the bricks from only one of these four sets.  (you may "create" the set yourself from your own supply)  Bring your original 4th design MOC to show off at BrickFair next week!

See the complete official rules before jumping in.  But do jump in!  One FOL from BF/NE will win the 2 pictured sets!

All event winners are automatically entered into a grand drawing at the end of the year for a grand prize :)

Apr 20th 2017

Bingo Grande & Bingo Grander

Bingo is dividing into two separate games - Bingo Grande hosted opening night as always, and Bingo Grander hosted Saturday evening.  The bigger prizes are saved the latter.

Join us for two shorter stints of Bingo fun :)

Apr 20th 2017

Cornhole Tournament Added

New game added: Cornhole Tournament.  All you need to play is a decent throwing arm!  Sign-up is now open at!

Go Fish Tournament also added.  Sign up now!

Apr 20th 2017

Early Discount Ends Tomorrow!

After Friday April 21st, the registration fee goes back up to $75.  Save yourself $15 - get registered and paid before this weekend.

Apr 19th 2017

Game Night

Game Night is replacing the former Early Bird Meet & Greet.  Anyone and everyone who arrives to BrickFair early is invited to join us in the hotel lobby BrickFair Eve - Wednesday May 3rd.

BrickFair provides the board games: Carcasonne, Checkers, Fluxx, Hogwarts, Munchkin, Settlers Of Catan, and Small World.

Join us, if you're around!  BYOB.  Bring your own food (or maybe the hotel restaurant will serve us in the lobby).