Chantilly, VA
August 2 - 6, 2017


News for exhibitors.  Our occasional "BrickFair News" emails are culled directly from this page.

Jul 22nd 2017

Map Posted

The venue map has been posted to

See for yourself.  Get early insight into where you'll be setting up.  Locate your MOCs' theme or collab on the map.  After checking-in, that's where you'll go :)

Jul 20th 2017

Printer Station

If you miss the MOC card deadline (the 22nd), don't fret.  You can print your own MOC cards at home or at the event.  BrickFair has a printer station in the show, hidden behind drapes.

MOC cards are not required.  They're optional.  If you have hopes of being nominated for a trophy, then you should display your MOC card.  Not everyone displays their cards.  For example, most train layouts do not display their cards because they would clutter the display.

All MOCs registered by the 22nd, will have their cards already printed and waiting for you in your goodie bag.

MOC cards may be printed any time after the 22nd.  MOCs that are repeatedly edited after the deadline may receive unexpected, older version cards.

Jul 19th 2017

"X" or "TEN"

BrickFair's 2017 theme is "X" TEN because 2017 is our 10-year anniversary!  So the theme is really just TEN.  Or the Roman numeral "X."  We named it that way because "TEN" can be limiting for building.  So the "X" part gives a FOL a shape to build.

Or you can get creative and building "X" and/or "TEN" however you interpret it :)

Jul 17th 2017

Habitats, Unite

The Habitats collaborative has been added to the collab list; during MOC registration instead of a Theme, select the Collaborative "Habitats."  This helps Kate McDevitt know how many modules to expect (she's bringing 20+ modules herself).

See details at

Jul 14th 2017

Kid Swim

Kid Swim returns to BF/VA - with changes.  Kid Swim takes place Saturday evening and allows adults a less crowded, quieter evening with fellow AFOLs.  Kid Swim will be held in the small hall 9:00pm - 1:00am Saturday night.  Adult Swim is in the large hall, from 9:00pm - 2:00am.  The two doors connecting the halls will be closed during this time.  Travel between halls requires a stroll outdoors along the sidewalk.

Brickmania, our sponsor, will not be located in the small hall this year, so will not be around to entertain kids.

Organized games are not scheduled during Kid Swim.  BrickFair has board games to borrow.  Kids have a safe place to hang out for the evening, within the show.  Entertainment is up to the kids themselves.

Parents are responsible for their children and their children's actions.  Every child in Kid Swim should possess their parents cell numbers written on paper.  Unruly kids, whose parents cannot be located, will be placed in the Time Out Vestibule™ for the remainder of the evening.