Marlborough, MA
May 4 - 7, 2017



All registered MOCs:

Title Registrant Theme
"Complete the loop" Train [C] Some GBC guy  18 MOCs Great Ball Contraption
"LEGO for Her" - An Archaeological Dig [C] SuzEaton  5 MOCs Vignette
"Meanwhile, at the Hall of Justice..." [C] Peter Crone Pop Culture
'Kane Ra Lord' [C] Aidan Ward  12 MOCs Bionicle
*Insert Witty Name* Tower [C] Tom Dobson  2 MOCs Train
THE Design ID 3003 IS
MegaCon 2015  17 MOCs Mosaic
1944 - Hedgerows [C] Paul Rizzi  2 MOCs Military
A Major Award [C] Spitz  21 MOCs "X" TEN
Above and Below [C] Dani Vello  2 MOCs "X" TEN
Absent shadows [C] Gotheil  11 MOCs Mixed
Admiral Nimitz Mosaic [C] Tank McStabby  9 MOCs + Mosaic
AH-6 LIttle Bird [C] Patrick Connolly  26 MOCs Military
AH-64 Apache [C] Patrick Connolly  26 MOCs Military
Alien Conquest Moonbase Module [C] MegaCon 2015  17 MOCs Space
Alien Jungle Bug [C] Igginz  51 MOCs Mixed
Angle of Incidence [C] BanthaBrick  7 MOCs Vignette
Ant Man [C] Eleanor VE Pop Culture
Army Raft [C] Olin Guck  9 MOCs Military
Artificial Heart [C] Bulltop  11 MOCs Bionicle
Assassin's Creed III [C] Klikstyle  44 MOCs Pop Culture
Assembly Square [C] Doug  15 MOCs Train
Asteroid Destination-097 [C] Private Space
Atlas or Sisyphus? [C] David Eaton  6 MOCs Vignette
Audrey the 2nd [C] Dave Gwon  13 MOCs Town & Street
Automaton in Orange [C] Igginz  51 MOCs Mixed
25 MOCs

74 registrants (out of 207) have registered 462 MOCs.