Chantilly, VA
July 29 - Aug 2, 2015

Full Weekend:
Registration: $65


All registered MOCs:

Title Registrant Theme
" Four Days Out " [C] Citizen Brick Enthusiast  2 MOCs Pop Culture
"Back to the Future" DeLorean Time Machine [C] Ryan Tyrrell  5 MOCs Pop Culture
"Battle at Sea!" Air Attack! [C] Preston  14 MOCs Military
"Bully" Medium Bomber [C] Preston  14 MOCs Military
"Bulwark" SPG [C] Preston  14 MOCs Military
"Camel" SPAAG (x2) [C] Preston  14 MOCs Military
"Complete the loop" Train [C] Tom Atkinson  17 MOCs Great Ball Contraption
"Gull" Flying Boat [C] Preston  14 MOCs Military
"Hard Landing!" Establishing a Beachhead! [C] Preston  14 MOCs Military
"How in the holy heck did you possibly kill this truck?" (WIP) [C] Brian Lint  12 MOCs Pop Culture
"Lego RPG: The Movie" Memorial [C] Ryan Tyrrell  5 MOCs Vignette
"Sandfish" IFV [C] Preston  14 MOCs Military
"Vive L'Empereur!" [C] Gary Brooks  6 MOCs Historical
¡Viva Pablo! [C] Dreams of Farm Animals  16 MOCs Mosaic
'White Bear' Snowmobile Team [C] Evan Melick  13 MOCs Military
. [C] Sam L Other
??? [C] Emi H  11 MOCs Bionicle
101 City Place [C] Rob Bender  4 MOCs Town, Buildings & Street Scene
1106 Toliver Ln [C] The /\rchitect  9 MOCs Steampunk
11th doctor Sonic Screwdriver [C] Ethan Johnson  15 MOCs Pop Culture
1901 Oldsmobile [C] Matthew Hocker  5 MOCs Historical
1981 DeLorean DMC-12 [C] Ryan Tyrrell  5 MOCs Historical
1x2 Plate [C] Cris Berneburg  4 MOCs Other
2012 DeLorean DMC-EV [C] Ryan Tyrrell  5 MOCs Vignette
2015 Philmont Scout Ranch [C] Benjamin Warsocki Vignette
25 MOCs

361 registrants (out of 940) have registered 1,571 MOCs.