Birmingham, AL
January 19 - 20, 2019


You wanna exhibit at BrickFair?  Great!  Read this page top-to-bottom.  It'll lay out the process and tell you what you can expect.

Be aware this page contains info unique to Alabama '19, which appears in green/red.  You can switch to other events.

Am I eligible to exhibit at BrickFair?  Am I the right kind of person?

Well there's no age-limit at BrickFair AL 2019, so that's good.

To attend and exhibit, you must answer YES to all the following:

  • Do I love LEGO?
  • Can I afford the $65 registration fee?  And the hotel room?  And eating out every day?
  • Am I ready to have fun?
  • Can I get out of work/school Thursday, Jan 17th thru Sunday, Jan 20th 2019?
  • Am I open to the possibility of making new friends?
    We know it can be difficult, but you must at least be open to the idea.
  • Do I have an original MOC to show off?
    This is key.  See the exhibitor FAQs for details on what to bring.  We don't really expect your parents to bring MOCs.

Note: BrickFair strives to entertain adults, and attracting adult fans of LEGO is our primary goal.  So being 18+ is a bonus.  But teens and tots also relish BrickFair weekend.

So, you've got the time, the funds, the LEGO, and the motivation.

Let's get started...

Register to exhibit:

  1. Please read the exhibitor FAQ.

    Since you're already here, we'll assume you've done that.

  2. Join, and activate your account.

    You're not done yet!  You merely registered for the website; you must now register to attend the event!...

  3. Log in to your account.


  4. Register to attend on your account page.

    Make sure you are viewing the event you wish to attend.

  5. Repeat registration for friends and family who will be joining you.

    Kids 5 and under needn't register nor pay.  When everyone is registered, your account page will display the total fees.

  6. Pay up.

    Don't delay on this.  Procrastination is bad at this stage!  Be sure to read the fine print (deadlines) on the bottom of your account page!

    Tablespace for exhibiting is included in your registration.  Everyone is entitled to display as much or as little LEGO as they wish.  We will accommodate every registered MOC.

The most important part is done.  Now you can simply show up.

But let's walk through other optional steps...

Where will you sleep?

Register your MOCs:

Register MOCs you plan to bring.


  • Registering MOCs alerts organizers to what you're bringing, and how much table space we need to prepare for each theme.
  • Registering MOCs forewarns organizers about large MOCs (20+ sq ft) which may merit space reserved specifically for you.
  • Registering MOCs (on time) gets you a MOC card, which is a nice memento, and also makes it easier for others to vote for you.
  • We guarantee table space for every registered MOC.  Unexpected large MOCs may receive less-than-ideal locations.

Sign up for games:

Sign up for games you are interested in playing.


You'll be showing off your skills to the world.  You're gonna want to put your best foot forward.  Get that MOC done!

Now you're all paid up, booked, prepped, and ready.

Let's jump forward to the first day of the event...

When should I arrive?

We recommend showing up as early as possible, simply because it's fun to be here.  The expo opens to exhibitors at 12:00 noon on Thursday, Jan 17th 2019.

But MOC setup continues until late Friday night.  So there's plenty of time.

Look at the schedule, note the first game/seminar/event you want to attend, and make sure you arrive at least an hour before.

There will be enough room for every MOC.  We plan for it.  As the setup days progress, we may shift MOCs around, squeezing in or spreading out as needed.

I'm at the front door.  Now what?

Walk on in, go to the Check-In desk, and state your name.

We'll give you your goodie bag and send you on your merry way.

Don't race.  Don't panic.

Take your goodie bag and go find a (relatively) quiet place to sit down.  The Food Court is a good bet, or the Bingo area.  See the map on the back cover of your program guide for ideas where to sit, for now.

Sit down and read your program guide.  Relax and take your time.  You're probably not missing anything.  Enjoy the fact that you're sitting in a room full of LEGO.

Build your brick badge!

Your badge is inside your goodie bag.  Build it.  Wear it!

You will need your badge visible on your person to re-enter the expo hall.

If you paid late, you have a paper badge only.  There's no getting around this.  Requests to purchase brick badges will be declined.

I read the program guide.  Now what?

Check the map on the back cover of your program guide.  Find the theme that best matches your MOC.

Head for that area to set up your MOC(s).

We have Theme Leaders whose job is to help you get situated.  They will be wearing specially-colored Theme Leader shirts.  Some Theme Leaders will be more hands-on, more instructive, depending upon personality and anticipated density of MOCs in their area.  Theme Leaders are volunteers, like most everybody else at BrickFair, so be patient with them.

Set up your MOC(s):

Don't race, do this liesurely.  Enjoy your time here.

Talk to the other AFOLs around you.  Compliment their MOC.  You're going to be sitting next to them for 4 days.

You've survived the long wait to get here, and your first day of BrickFair.

Here's what the rest of your weekend will look like...

Special events:

Plan to attend Bingo Grande and the Opening Ceremonies.

These are popular, and offer the chance to win LEGO prizes!

Plan to spend much of the public hours watching your area, guarding your MOCs from curious little fingers.

You're not necessarily stuck there the whole time.  There are other FOLs in your area.  Take turns, take breaks, get lunch.

Make friends with the folks around you.  Find out who's done this before.  Ask their opinion on the coolest games and seminars to watch, which events shouldn't be missed, etc.

Have fun!