Birmingham, AL
January 13 - 16, 2022

Full Weekend:
Registration: $85
(Pay by 12/30/21
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Games & Events

Exhibitors welcome to play; these are typically not public events.  Rules and eligibility are determined by each game's host.  Sign-up for games by Friday, Jan 7th for best odds of being drawn to play.  Signing up does not guarantee a seat; it merely indicates your interest in playing the game.  How it works.

Typically, more people sign-up than there are seats.  The computer will attempt to shuffle players into their preferred games; you are more likely to be seated at your #1 pick than your #2.  Sign up for all games in which you are interested, then ensure your selections are properly sorted (at your games page).  Sign up for as many games as you wish; there is no benefit to limiting your sign-ups.

Everyone onboard by Friday, Jan 7th has the same chance of being drawn.  After the drawing, if seats remain available, sign-up for that game will remain open.

You may be drawn for multiple games but you will not be drawn for overlapping games.  You may be drawn as alternate in multiple, overlapping games; showing up as alternate - or not - is your choice.

$15 Draft 1
Ages 12+
Buy-in $15
12 players
2 alternates
Friday 11:00am   1hr 30mins
Host: vacant
All the fun of Parts Draft without the hassle of remembering to bring a set.  BrickFair provides the sets - 2x #41597 Brick Me - Brick 'H'eadz and 2x #75947 Bastion (Overwatch Theme).  Selected players buy-in for $15.  Twelve players will divide 4 sets.  That's 2,620 pieces, or 218 parts (average) per player, for $15.

Like the Parts Draft, this is a great opportunity to acquire a deeper quantity of select parts at low cost.

$15 Draft 2
Ages 12+
Buy-in $15
12 players
2 alternates
Friday 12:30pm   1hr 30mins
Host: vacant
See $15 Draft 1 for details.

This game uses 2 sets #70651 Throne Room Showdown (211 pcs ea) plus 2 sets #10263 Winter Village Fire Station (1,166 pcs ea) for a total 2,774 parts or 231 pieces (average) per player.

Bingo Grande
All ages Walk-Up Thursday 7:00pm   40mins
Host: Todd Webb
One half (the smaller half) of our Bingo prizes will be awarded this evening.  See Bingo Grander for additional chances to win!

Bingo Grander
All ages Walk-Up Saturday 7:30pm   30mins
Host: Todd Webb
The second half of our Bingo games, with bigger and better prizes still!

Blind Build AFOL
Ages 18+ 18 players
2 alternates
Friday 2:00pm   1hr
Host: vacant
Players all receive the same small set to build (set not revealed until the game). Players may read their instructions, but cannot see the parts they are assembling!

Points are deducted for parts in the wrong places, and for missing parts.

The winner gets an awesome prize, and everyone has a great time (and keeps their small set).

Blind Build TFOL
Ages 10 - 17 18 players
3 alternates
Saturday 8:00pm   1hr
Host: vacant
See Blind Build AFOL for details.

Cards Against Humanity
Ages 18+ Walk-Up Friday 10:00pm   1hr
Host: vacant
A party game for horrible people.  Unlike most of the party games you may have played before, Cards Against Humanity is as despicable and awkward as you and your friends.  For this modified version you will receive bricks for good answers, and you will need to build something rude with your bricks for the win.

If you are easily offended, do not play this game.

Checkers Tournament AFOL
Ages 18+ 8 players
2 alternates
Friday 4:00pm   1hr
Host: vacant
See Checkers Tournament TFOL for details.

Checkers Tournament TFOL
Ages 10 - 17 8 players
2 alternates
Friday 2:00pm   1hr
Host: vacant
The classic checkers game.  You know it!  You love it!

Well, okay, so you don't "love" it.  But it's a decent game.  And of course the further you last in this tournament, the bigger the LEGO prize you receive :)

Closing Door Prizes
All ages Walk-Up Sunday 6:00pm   30mins
Host: Todd Webb
Simply attend the Closing Ceremonies - they are extremely brief - which end with more LEGO prizes. Names are drawn from a hat.

Ages 10+ 16 players
3 alternates
Thursday 4:00pm   1hr
Host: vacant
Each player is given the same 2 sets to start. Each player combines the sets to build an entirely original creation. The MOC deemed the most unique and creative wins a prize. All players keep their 2 sets :)

Cornhole Tournament 1
Ages 13+ 8 players
2 alternates
Thursday 3:00pm   1hr
Host: Robert Nienaber
The classic cornhole game ("made of LEGO").  Individuals compete, eliminating each other until only two are left.  Top placers win LEGO prizes.

A fun, relaxing game!

Cornhole Tournament 2
Ages 13+ 8 players
2 alternates
Thursday 5:00pm   1hr
Host: Chris Cummings
Cornhole Tournament 1.
Dirty Buildster
Ages 8+ 15 players
3 alternates
Friday 8:00pm   1hr
Host: vacant
Players are provided with random baggies of bricks. When the host says, "Go," players start building!

Players have limited time to build the most creative MOC they can muster. The objective is to be more creative than your competition and you must do it with your limited bricks and limited time.

  • Baggies of bricks are provided for you.
  • Baggies are the luck of the draw. You may find your bricks difficult to work with, but we'll try to keep all bags equal and fair.
  • You are not required to use every brick in the bag - simply be as creative as you can with what you have.
  • The final MOCs are judged.
  • There is only one winner who gets a prize, but every player gets to keep their baggie of bricks!
Early Draft
Ages 12+ Walk-Up Thursday 2:00pm   2hrs
Host: vacant
This special early check-in game is mathmatically similar to the $15 Draft, but the sets remain a mystery until game time.  Early Draft is hosted early the first day.  We'll call upon 12 players from among the walk-ups.  Check-in promptly on the first day to join in this special game.

GBC Workshop
Ages 7+
Buy-in $31
50 players
4 alternates
Friday 6:30pm   1hr 30mins
Host: Stuart Roll
This workshop will introduce the fun of building Great Ball Contraption modules.  The kit costs $31 and is limited to 50 units.  Buying the kit is not required; exhibitors may audit the workshop.  Of course the kit is required for hands-on learning.

Limit one kit per person.

Upon completion each student will have a working GBC module which can be linked together with other students' modules.  Everyone who wishes to participate can include their module in the full GBC display for the public to see all weekend; simply collect your module Sunday evening.

Join us!

Here's the instructions and parts list!  If you weren't selected to play, you can bring your own parts!

Go Fish Tournament 1
All ages 8 players
2 alternates
Thursday 6:00pm   1hr
Host: Dawn Murtha
This is the classic carnival "gold fish bowl" game.  Get your ping pong balls into the bowls, and win some LEGO pieces!

The longer you last in the tournament the more LEGO you win.  Open to all ages, all skill levels or no skill, experienced or novice, familiar with the game or not - everyone can win.

Oh, just sign up!

Go Fish Tournament 2
All ages 8 players
2 alternates
Friday 4:00pm   1hr
Host: Dawn Murtha
Go Fish Tournament 1.
All ages Walk-Up Saturday 1:00pm  
Host: Todd Webb
A jar of LEGO pieces is the prize - and the challenge.

Just guess how many pieces are in the jar (or at least be the closest guess) and win the jar. Simple!

Ages 21+ Walk-Up Saturday 9:00pm   2hrs
Host: Robert Williams
This is your standard Texas Hold'em poker tournament, played with LEGO cards and top 5 placers take home a LEGO prize.

Poker knowledge required, obviously.

Minifig Swap / Promo Brick Swap
All ages Walk-Up Friday 5:00pm   1hr 30mins
Host: vacant

Bring in your unwanted or less-than-loved minifigs to trade with others!  Before the Yard Sales, this one hour exchange is a great opportunity to mix up your minifig collection.

Bring all the minifigs you wish; you never know what others might want!

Cash is discouraged.  This is intended as a swap and trade event.  But we understand cash can make for more even trades.  Volunteers will be around, overlooking, to help ensure (but not guarantee) that less knowledgeable FOLs are aware of the value of their figs.  We're all here to have fun; let's all play nice, please.


Like the Minifig Swap, this is an open swap event. Everyone is invited to join.

Bring your LEGOland, LEGO Master Builder Event, or other promo brick to trade with others.

Everyone can play; there's no limit to participation. The swap is free and everyone's a winner!

Missing Part Build
Ages 13+ 12 players
3 alternates
Friday 3:00pm   1hr
Host: vacant
We swap a part from your set with your competition. You must find and steal back that part in order to complete your build and win your game!

As always, players keep the sets they play with, and the winner gets a LEGO prize to boot!

Opening Door Prizes
All ages Walk-Up Thursday 7:40pm   20mins
Host: Todd Webb
Simply attend the Opening Ceremonies which end with some awesome prizes! Names are drawn from a hat.

The Opening Ceremonies is also where first-timers to BrickFair can learn some basics of what to expect during the weekend.

Parts Draft
Ages 16+ Walk-Up Thursday 6:00pm   1hr
Host: Charles Nienaber
To participate, bring set #75972 Dorado Showdown with you to the game.  It's currently $30 at Amazon.

All participants bring the same set to the event.  All sets are opened and parts grouped together (BrickFair chips in a set also), and then parts are divvied up among the participants. Everyone's a winner!

The game host will have extra copies of this set to sell, starting 30 minutes prior to the game.

Saran Wrap Ball
Ages 12+ 12 players
2 alternates
Friday 3:00pm   1hr
Host: Heather Cullin
It's called Saran Wrap Ball and it's just that... a massive ball of Saran Wrap with a ton of goodies layered throughout.

Each player takes a turn unwrapping the ball, revealing LEGO prizes within. Unwrap fast!  As soon as the player to your right rolls doubles, your turn is over and you pass the ball!

When the ball is completely unraveled, the game is over.  Everyone keeps the prizes they collected :)

Ages 11+ 8 players
2 alternates
Thursday 4:00pm   1hr
Host: Willie L. Neblett Jr.
Each player gets the same assortment of LEGO pieces and needs to build the tallest tower possible.  The tallest unsupported building standing when the game ends is the winner!

This game requires smarts and deft building skills.  All players keep their LEGO bricks :)

Ticket Raffle
All ages Walk-Up Saturday 9:30am   20mins
Host: vacant
Prizes are on display during AFOL check-in.  Each prize has its own bucket.

Exhibitors find four raffle tickets in their goodie bags.  Drop the tickets into whichever bucket(s) you wish.  Be sure to keep your stub of each ticket!  This game uses numbered tickets, not names.

A random ticket is drawn as the winner for each prize, Saturday morning before the doors open to the public.

Presence is required.  You must have your ticket stub to win.

Tiger Plastics Open
All ages 16 players
2 alternates
Thursday 5:00pm   1hr
Host: Robert Nienaber
See you on the green!

World Of Lights
All ages Walk-Up Friday 9:00pm   1hr
Host: Todd Webb
Light up your MOC!  For one hour we'll darken the room and enjoy the show by the street lights of LEGOtown.

World Of Lights BYOB

Yard Sale
All ages Walk-Up Saturday 5:30pm   2hrs
Host: Willie L. Neblett Jr.
This 2-hour event is your chance to sell your leftover LEGO items without being a vendor.

Outside the vendor area, this is the only time registrants are invited to openly advertise items for sale (the MOC area is a no-sale-sign zone).

Pre-price your items, find a spot in the Yard Sale area, and collect some quick cash for your unwanted LEGO pieces!

RULE #1: All items on Yard Sale tables must be available for purchase.

Tip #1: Basing prices on Bricklink is good, but if an AFOL can get it on Bricklink later, why should s/he buy it from you now? Give others a reason to shop at your table rather than someone else's.

Tip #2: TLG sells 32x32 plain baseplates for $4.99. You're not likely to sell a used one for $10.

Tip #3: Don't just dump brick on the table and expect it to sell. Baggies are cheap, and there are a lot of other sellers competing for attention.