Charlotte, NC
March 21 - 24, 2019


News for exhibitors.  Our occasional "BrickFair News" emails are culled directly from this page.

Feb 13th 2019

BrickFair Exhibitors

BrickFair exhibitors are local LEGO fans like you.  If you ever thought about showing off your own models, if you ever thought about spending four days surrounded by like-minded brick-heads and their LEGO, if you ever wanted to enter a Texas Hold'em tournament for a LEGO pot, consider registering to exhibit at an upcoming show.  It's a party, and everyone is invited.

Come play with us.

Feb 12th 2019

Schedule Posted

Our preliminary schedule has been posted to

Feb 10th 2019

Upload Your Avatar Image

Alert to our first-timers, and reminder to all.  Your goodie bag - personalized to you - includes a custom-printed tile.  You must upload an image, or you'll receive a default tile (which is fine too).

Our 2019 avatar is a White 2x2 Tile.  Perhaps a simple trinket, memorabilia from the show.  Or plan ahead and get a custom piece for your MOC.

Here's other's avatar images.
Upload yours from your account page.

Feb 5th 2019

Hotel Update

Our primary hotel is the Best Western in Matthews, NC, a few miles down the road from our venue.  To get the cheapest rate all week (and access to the very few double-bed rooms), you must call.

Visit our travel page for details.

UPDATE: Alternate and equally affordable hotels have been added.

May 25th 2018

Charlotte, North Carolina

BrickFair NC is coming in Spring 2019!  This is the first stop of our new Spring show that will travel to different cities each year.

Tell your friends!  Tell your foes.  Tell the world!

BrickFair will bring all the fun, games, and LEGO prizes.  We need you, the exhibitors, to bring the MOCs and your celebratory mood to our LEGO party!