Secaucus, NJ
October 31 - Nov 3, 2019


Oct 22nd 2019

Map Updated Again

If you're particularly eager to keep up with the development of BrickFair, the map is growing at

ConnLUG and Brikwars have been added, as well as a few other MOCs.

I apologize for not fitting all exhibitors into one room together.  We're working to squeeze in all the fun!

Oct 22nd 2019

Another Game Change

The Parts Draft set is #31093 Riverside Houseboat.  Purchase this set and bring it with you to the game!

Parts Draft is a game with all winners.  Try it :)  Walk-ups may also be accommodated.

Oct 21st 2019

World of Lights is Coming

I asked the venue about our World of Lights and how dark we could make the room.  The response: "As dark as you want."


Have you lighted your MOCs yet?!

Oct 20th 2019

Game Changes

Sign up for games!  Last call!  Registered exhibitors sign up at

Note the following last-minute changes:

Mindstorms Sumo and Tug-of-War have been dropped due to lack of interest (and lack of space for a competition ring).  Go Fish Tournament has been dropped as there's no space for the Go Fish tent.

Blind Builds AFOL & TFOL have been reshaped into Blind Builds 1 & 2.  If you were already signed up for one, now you're now signed up for both.

Tiger Plastics Open has been duplicated.  If you were already signed up for Tiger Plastics Open, now you're signed up for both Tiger Plastics Open 1 & 2.

Cornhole Tournament has been duplicated as well.  Same deal as above.

You can still sign up!  As long as there are empty seats.

Oct 19th 2019

Map Is Up

The New Jersey map is online.  This may change a bit before show time.

Oct 17th 2019

Deadlines Looming

Tonight, Thursday the 17th, is the deadline to pay to:

  • Save $15 on registration,
  • See your name printed in the program guide,
  • Receive a custom name badge, and
  • Receive MOC cards in your goodie bag (you can always print MOC cards yourself).

Tomorrow, Friday the 18th, is the deadline to upload Avatar artwork.  Don't miss this cool free tile included in your goodie bag!  See others' avatars for ideas.

Oct 17th 2019

Register Your MOCs, Kids!

BrickFair depends on information you provide to allocate table space for displays.  Visit your account page and click the MOCs tab to register your models.

Oct 17th 2019

Pod Staff Needed

We're still looking for registered exhibitors willing to work the public hours.  Help BrickFair run smoothly, entertain the public, get paid, and still have your private AFOL fun time.

Bingo: Host public bingo for 3 hours Saturday and 3 hours Sunday, earn $22.20/hour in LEGO and cash.
Check-In Desk: Welcome fellow FOLs to the show, check 'em in, earn $17.50/hour in LEGO and cash.  Includes private AFOL hours.
Derby: Entertain the public kiddies as the flag-person for every derby run, earn $26.19/hour.

Contact BrickFair to volunteer.

Oct 15th 2019

BrickFair Returns to New Jersey

Hey kids.  BrickFair is coming to the Meadowlands Expo Center in Secaucus, NJ this Halloween weekend!

Moreover, the Meadowlands will see us return again next year for Halloween 2020.  That show is not yet listed on our website so as not to confuse ticket sales.

We'll see you in two weeks and we'll see you again next year :)

Oct 15th 2019

Free Shipping to BrickFair

Eight Bricklink stores are offering free shipping on orders to BrickFair NJ.  Many are also offering discounts of 10% on orders.

So if you're looking for last-minute parts, why worry about them arriving to you in time?  Have them hand-delivered at BrickFair!

Sep 25th 2019

Free Public Ticket

Reminder to all, and news to some first-timers, when you register to exhibit ($80) your goodie bag will include one free public ticket ($15 value).  So if you're exhibiting and expecting friends or family to visit you during the weekend, you'll have a free public to give out - one ticket in each goodie bag :)

Sep 25th 2019


Help BrickFair run smoothly and make the show more fun for everyone!  See for volunteering vacancies.

Helpers can immediately click themselves into a slot, commit to as little as 1 hour of work, and earn a BrickFair t-shirt :)

Game hosting earns you $35 in LEGO and is a great way to mingle with your fellow exhibitors!  Contact Todd.

Theme Leaders commit to multiple days of directing other exhibitors in setting up, and earn cash and LEGO.  Contact Todd.

We need one good MINDSTORMS builder to be Theme Leader and game host to our MINDSTORM games - Sumo and Tug-of-War - for the public to watch.  Without the right volunteer we'll have to remove these games from the schedule.  The ideal person has already built their own robot(s) for competition.

To work for pay as cashier or ticket-taker please Contact Todd.

Sep 25th 2019

Red Roof Inn

Hotel info is posted to  Rate is $99/night.

Sep 24th 2019

Register Your MOCs

This is your reminder that registering MOCs:

  • Makes you eligible for trophy nomination,
  • Provides you a MOC card to share info about you and your MOC,
  • Lets organizers know how much, how big, and how many MOCs to prepare for!

Register your MOCs at > MY MOCs tab.

May 2nd 2019

BrickLink Sellers

Are you still building for the show?  Are you still buying parts for your MOCs?

Remember that some BrickLink sellers also attend BrickFair.  And they offer free shipping as well as discounts to other BrickFair attendees :)

Check out for a list of your fellow FOLs offering free shipping to the event!

Feb 4th 2019

LEGO Store & Airport Updated

Following input from fans we've updated the recommended airport to Newark and the recommended nearby LEGO store to Jersey Gardens.  The store is further than New York's store, but traffic makes it the same travel-time from the expo hall.

We'll see at The Meadowlands this Halloween!

Dec 2nd 2018

New Jersey Returns

BrickFair New Jersey returns next year, the weekend immediately after Halloween!  That means our costume contest returns too!

Next year we'll be at the Meadowlands Expo Center in Secaucus, NJ!

While Virginia (summer) and Alabama (winter) shall remain permanent BrickFair fixtures, expect to see the see our spring and autumn shows explore new cities and states in 2020.

We hope you can all join us next year!