Chantilly, VA
July 31 - Aug 4, 2019


Jul 18th 2019

Friday's Deadlines

Tomorrow, Friday the 19th, is the:

  • Hard deadline to get your name in the program guide (must pay),
  • Hard deadline to get your custom brick badge (must pay; late payers receive late badges),
  • Hard desdline to get your custom avatar tile (must pay and upload image), and
  • Soft deadline to get your MOC cards (must pay and register MOCs; or you can print your own cards at home any time).

Jul 15th 2019

Friday Night Shopping

We're trying something new.  This year we're closing the doors, separating the small hall Friday night 5:00pm to 9:00pm for a public Friday Night Shopping session.

Both halls will remain open to exhibitors, but they'll be separated by closed doors.  To pass between the halls you'll need to exit the building and re-enter.  The public will have access only to the vendor hall.

After 9:00pm Friday, the halls will be re-opened to each other.  Saturday and Sunday are public visitor days as normal.

Friday Night Shopping has free entry for the public.

Jul 14th 2019

Habitats & Moonbase Added

By popular demand Habitats is returning this year.  Kate will oversee setup as usual.  Build your own small habitat and join it with the rest of us at the Habitats collab!

See the Habitats standard.

And Moonbase has also been added to the list of collabs. &bnsp;A few MOCs registered with the word "moonbase" in their title have been moved to that collab.  Won't you join them?

See the Moonbase standard.

Jul 12th 2019

Games Updated

Recently added games

The schedule will be updated soon.

Be sure to sign-up for games!

Jul 12th 2019

Map Posted

The preliminary map has been posted to and

It's gonna be a heck of a show!

Jun 24th 2019

Open Seating Games

Not all games require sign-up; some games you can walk into!  Some require you to bring supplies.

These games are open-seating, meaning as many people as want to participate can join in!

$20 Shifty Gifty  Bring a pre-wrapped $20 value LEGO prize.
Big Build w/Master Dan
Bingo Grande  Bring bingo tiles from your goodie bag.
Boat Race  Bring a boat, or just come watch!
Charity Auction  Bring a credit card (and maybe a LEGO-item donation?)
Door Prizes  Presence required.
Dirty Brickster  Bring a pre-wrapped LEGO prize in the appropriate value.
Early Draft
Magic: The Gathering
MINDSTORMS: Line Follower  Build and bring a robot!
MINDSTORMS: Sumos  Build and bring a robot!
MINDSTORMS: Tug-of-War  Bring and bring a robot!
Minifig Swap  Bring unwanted minifigs.
RoboHockey  Bring a robot!
Vignette Swap  Build and bring a vignette.

Jun 22nd 2019

GBC Workshop Kit

For those who are selected (hopefully everyone) to participate in a GBC Workshop your kit will be available for purchase at the show. For those not participating you can always build the same kit using your own parts!

See the parts list and kit image.

Jun 22nd 2019

Yard Sales

To facilitate the raging popularity of Virginia's Yard Sales, we will now supply our own tables to sellers.  This means no more tearing apart our show to find tables, no more struggling to re-assemble the show, and no more misplaced linens.

BrickFair has purchased 70 tables for this purpose. Tables are plastic, solid-top, 30"x72".  This is a hefty investment.  We will recoup this cost by implementing a $10 table fee to sellers, $5 for half-table.  We hope this nominal fee doesn't discourage participation.

These tables will also be available for other off-shoot gatherings and games.

These new tables are only 6' long, as opposed to previous years' 8' tables.  So half-tables are only 3' wide.  Please be aware when signing up.

Jun 20th 2019

RoboHockey Returns

By popular request, RoboHockey has been re-added to this year's list of games. Check it out!

Build and bring your own remote-controlled bot and fight to push pucks into your opponent's goal!

This game is held during private hours.

Jun 19th 2019

Double Bed Rooms Sold Out

The Holiday Inn is working through our reservation list. They'd like everyone to know they are no more double-bed rooms. They do still have king beds.

Those still on the list are being informed and offered the chance to accept king rooms. The Holiday Inn will continue working through the list until our block is consumed.

Holiday Inn offers roll-away beds for $15.00 per night plus tax. There are other hotels 1.25 miles away.

Jun 2nd 2019

Early Bird Meet & Greet

If you arrive early, consider joining a cool group of grown-up LEGO nerds BrickFair eve for dinner, drinks, and conversation!

7:00pm Tuesday we'll gather in the Holiday Inn lobby.

8:00pm - 10:00pm move into Bob O's restaurant for dinner and drinks.

If you're like some of us, and arrive a day early, consider mingling with nice folks the evening before the expo opens!

May 27th 2019

Preliminary Schedule Posted

A first-draft schedule has been posted to  Check it out.  Be aware this schedule will change multiple times before the show.

May 24th 2019

Meet Artist Sean Kenney!

Sean Kenney is a LEGO Certified Artist currently touring multiple major shows around the world.  Sean's works often include large-scale animals and life-size people.  Sean is booked on tour through 2021 and is taking time to hang with us at BrickFair VA!

This year Sean's amazing art can be seen at the Memphis Zoo, the Powell Gardens in Kansas City, the Botanica Wichita, the Morton Arboretum in Lisle, Illinois, the Liberty Science Center in Jersey City, and the Lewis Ginter Botanic Garden in Richmond, VA.

May 24th 2019

Master Dan Returns

LEGO Master Builder and artist extraordinaire Dan Steininger returns to BrickFair Virginia!  Join Dan in helping build a giant BrickFair logo out of 2x4 mega-bricks!

Dan will join us Friday and will entertain our public guests all weekend.

May 23rd 2019


BrickFair is proud to partner with the SladeChild Foundation, a small Maryland-based charity that provides children in the USA and worldwide with food, clothing, education, medical care, and shelter.

Please consider donating a LEGO or LEGO-related item to our charity silent auction.  Bring your donation to the event and deliver to Jeffrey Fishman by 12:00 noon BrickFair Friday.

Thank you :)

May 23rd 2019

New Games Added

News games are being added for this year's event.  Be sure to visit the games page to see what's new, and sign-up for games you're interested in playing!

You can also opt to "follow" games, so that you receive text message updates so you don't miss out.

May 23rd 2019

Holiday Inn is Open

Booking is now open for rooms at the Holiday Inn.  See our Travel page to reserve your room at the hotel across the parking lot from BrickFair VA 2019.

Or check out other nearby hotels (1.25 miles) that are often cheaper.

May 10th 2019

Hotel Info Coming Soon

Some are starting to ask about booking rooms at the Holiday Inn in Virginia.  We've been working with the hotel over the past two weeks to revamp our reservation system.

Expect booking information to be posted soon.

May 3rd 2019

World of Lights vs Adult Swim

As you may recall, last year at BrickFair Virginia we blundered and scheduled World of Lights to coincide with Adult Swim (our 21-and-over night).

I assure you we will not repeat that mistake.  World of Lights will be scheduled either earlier Saturday evening or move it entirely to Friday night.  Either way, World of Lights will be open to all registered exhibitors.


Apr 29th 2019

Vignette Swap

The Vignette Swap is a cool game where everyone builds and contributes one small vignette, and everyone leaves with a different vignette. Nab a cool little MOC built by one of your friends. Everyone's a winner!

The plastic cube is provided for you upon check-in.

See the game description for more details, and get building!

Vignette Swap accommodates all players!

Apr 4th 2019

No Bounce Houses

FYI, the Moon Bounce and Wipeout will not appear at BrickFair VA.  We are elimininating these from the Virginia show to make room for more great MOCs!