Secaucus, NJ
September 23 - 26, 2021


Sep 12th 2021

Map Posted

The first New Jersey map official enough to share has been posted to

MOCs are still coming in so the map will change/grow a wee bit.

Sep 12th 2021

Blind Builds Open to All Ages

Blind Build TFOL did not have enough players to have a game. So Blind Build AFOL is now Blind Build 1 and TFOL is now Blind Build 2. All sign-ups were copied between the two before seats were drawn.

Both blinds now open to all exhibitors aged 10+.

Sep 11th 2021

Parts Draft #76385 Hogwarts Charms Class

Exhibitors, the Parts Draft set is #76385 Hogwarts Charms Class. Bing that with you (if selected to play) to the game. BrickFair will contribute a set to the pile too.

Sign up for games if you haven't yet. Players will be seated soon and notified by email. Or see your account page.

Sep 8th 2021

No Mask Mandate

BrickFair will obey all venue rules and official mandates. So far there are none. We anticipate an open and accessible show for all.

MOCs, LEGO models, are a no-touch zone. But many BrickFair features are hands-on, such as Floor Mosaic, Art Gallery, Putt-Putt, and of course the bounce houses.

Hand sanitizer is located throughout the show. A Purell stand is located at every hands-on station.

Parents are responsible for their children's behavior and safety.

Sep 8th 2021

Email Headers Bug

Last week gmail modified their online email platform. Many users are seeing Virginia's header image on emails. This is because gmail is now caching more data. Your browser is remembering more files and for longer duration. So your browser is spitting out a memorized image.

This will be fixed soon, but not before New Jersey two weeks from now.

My apologies for the confusing reading.

Sep 8th 2021

Light Your MOC

Exhibitors, of all the venues BrickFair visits, Meadowlands is the most amenable for our World Of Lights. They provide us a very dark experience! See our World Of Lights description for inspritation and add a light to your layout :)

World Of Lights runs Friday evening 8:30pm - 9:30pm.

Sep 8th 2021

Embassy Suites Still Open

Our primary hotel, the Embassy Suites in Secaucus NJ, is closing its doors permanently after October 29, 2021. Our show will be long over by then. Hilton, who own Embassy Suites, mistakenly sent "We're Closed" emails to some of our exhibitors. I spoke to the hotel and confirmed they are open through October, well beyond our show dates.

Your room at the Embassy Suites is still booked. Some AFOLs are discovering that their reservations do not appear online. But when you call in they confirm your room.

Sep 7th 2021

Boat Race Cancelled

Exhibitors, the hotel pool is closed this season due to COVID. Therefore our Boat Race has been removed from the schedule.

Sep 6th 2021

Register Your MOCs!

Exhibitors, get your MOCs registered. We use that information for allotting table space per theme. Let us know what you're bringing.

Thank you :)

Sep 1st 2021

Bring All Your MOCs!

Hey exhibitors, bring everything you got! Our exhibitor base is smaller this year due to health concerns. Although ticket sales are up 170%, yay! We're bringing everything including our new Art Gallery, an improved bigger Green Build, and both bounce houses :) We need YOU to bring the MOCs! Just three weeks away!

Sep 1st 2021


Hey exhibitors, in 8 days on September 9th at 11:59pm:

  • registration fee jumps $15,
  • only late badges are provided,
  • MOC cards are no longer printed for you (you can print yourself at home or at the show), and
  • games are seated (whether you've signed up or not).


  1. Pay for your registration, and
  2. Sign up for games!

See you soon :)

Aug 31st 2021

Upload Your Avatar!

Exhibitors, you have 5 days to upload an avatar image! Your picture will be printed on a 2x2 white LEGO tile and included in your goodie bag :)

Deadline is Sept. 6.

Aug 28th 2021

Vendor Booths Available

Vendor tables in New Jersey are available - which never happens. See vendor info for details ($70 registration + $300/table).

Or just exhibit for only $70! (increases to $85 Sept. 9)

Aug 27th 2021

Volunteers Needed

Hey exhibitors, BrickFair NJ needs volunteers for:

  • Blind Build (TFOL)
  • Boat Race
  • Combo-Build
  • Constructionary
  • Cornhole Tournament 1 & 2
  • Hold'em
  • Pass The Brick
  • Tiger Plastics Open 1 & 2
  • Bingo (public)
  • Go Fish
  • Ring Toss

See the volunteer page for details. Contact us to volunteer.

Volunteers are 18+years-old and are paid exhibitors.

Aug 21st 2021

Exhibit Your Own Creations

BrickFair is made up of fans of LEGO ("FOLs") just like you! You don't need to be a LEGO employee, you don't need to be Nobel-winning artist, you don't have to apply for approval. BrickFair features LEGO models by fans from across the country - LEGO fans just like you. Model builders tend to self-curate, bringing only their best :)

You can exhibit at BrickFair! Register online, bring your models, and play with us for 4 full days of private convention fun and a few hours of bragging to the public :)

Aug 21st 2021

Master Dan Returns

During public hours Saturday and Sunday meet LEGO's own Master Builder Dan Steininger! Dan hosts Bridge Build - a game for tiny tots that challenges budding engineers to build the strongest bridge using DUPLO bricks.

Bridge Build and Bingo will alternate, every other hour.

Aug 20th 2021

Brickmania at BrickFair

We once again welcome Brickmania as our sponsor for BrickFair New Jersey! Along with 40 more tables of vendors selling LEGO sets, LEGO parts, and LEGO minifigs, Brickmania offers custom kits starring a cast of real-world military equipment from land and air and sea, custom molded guns, armor and more to outfit your realistic LEGO scenes.

Vendors open Saturday and Sunday September 25 - 26 at 10:00am.

Aug 18th 2021

Scavenger Hunt

Did you know that every BrickFair show offers a scavenger hunt where entrants can win 4 FREE tickets + a $50 gift certificate to a future BrickFair? And each hunt has two winners! Typically only two- to three-hundred people even enter, so the odds are in your favor :)

Aug 17th 2021

Bounce Houses :)

Yes BF/NJ will have bounce houses!  Purell stations and sprayers will be abundant.  Parents please mind your children's safety.

Jul 8th 2021

Our Last New Jersey

We all learned a lot about the world and ourselves in 2020.  I learned that I enjoy down time.  I will no longer pursue 3 or 4 events per year.  This will be BrickFair's final New Jersey show.  I have no plans for future Spring or Fall shows.

This September I'm going to try to pack in absolutely everything BrickFair has to offer, including brand new features not yet tested.

I hope you can join us in Secaucus,


Jul 6th 2021

Hotel Reservations

Our New Jersey hotel is the Embassy Suites Meadowlands and our reservation link is on our travel page.  Our rate is $139/night.  Hop on early; we have a small block of rooms.

May 12th 2021

Reminder: Dinosaurs Rawr!

Due to many of us missing last year's Dinosaurs theme we are repeating it this year.

Also reminder: BF/NJ is in September this year, a full month earlier than our usual.

Mar 25th 2021

New Jersey Is On! (we expect)

We are even more confident that BrickFair New Jersey will go on as scheduled this year than we are about VA.  And we're pretty confident about VA.

Fingers crossed!