Chantilly, VA
Chantilly, VA
July 31 - Aug 4, 2024

Full Weekend:
Registration: $130
(Pay by Saturday, Jul 13th
and save $35)


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Apr 3rd 2024

No Sale Zones

Exhibitors, as a reminder there is no advertising in the MOC areas of the show. The only sales promotion zones within the show are paid vendor tables and the brief (and private) yard sale. Outside of that the entire show is a no-sale-zone. LUGs/LTCs may hang banners promoting their LUG; these are for promoting fun, not selling.

See the FAQs. No dollar sign$ on signage. No URLs/links/QR codes to any site for selling, only links permitted for LUGs/LTCs and other fun LEGO community opportunities. Stacks of any papers/cards/coupons are prohibited outside the vendor area. The MOC areas are an ad-free zone! If you have something to sell from your seat that AFOLs know you have, because you advertised privately before coming to the show, you're welcome to sell items from under your MOC table to other AFOLs. But you may not leave products on display on tables. And you may not sell to the public! This show is FUN and all things costing $$$ are relegated to the vendor area. This is for everyone's enjoyment. These rules apply all week including all 3 private days and both public days.

If you want to host a (last-minute) game or group chat or something fun, you may post signage at the check-in desk to garner attention from incoming AFOLs. You may not post at the check-in desk for selling.

Thank you,

Apr 2nd 2024

Registering MOCs

Exhibitors, we are asking repeat exhibitors to be selective with the MOCs you bring to BF/NoVa'24. We were extremely tight on space last year and we crammed ourselves into our limited space (130,000 square feet). This year we're asking YOU to filter your MOCs to help everyone fit more comfortably.

If you're displaying in a LUG or COLLAB be sure to select that LUG or COLLAB when registering your MOC. LUG and COLLAB MOCs do not get registered to themes. If you're not in a LUG or COLLAB then select a theme.

When you copy MOCs from a previous show and the old LUG/COLLAB doesn't exist in the new show, your copied MOC will appear tinted pink where the theme/collab should be. Suggestions: 1) Wait until your LUG/COLLAB is in the system before copying MOCs. 2) Use the MASS EDIT button on your MOCs page (ACCOUNT > MY MOCs) to quickly and easily update all your MOCs.

Size matters! We use your MOC registration to reserve space. The map is drawn down to the inch! Be specific when recording your MOC size. Do not round off or guess.

Thank you :)

Mar 30th 2024

Still UFOs

The annual theme this year and in Chantilly this August is still UFOs! Look for UFOs and UFO themed displays throughout the show.