Birmingham, AL
January 16 - 19, 2020

Full Weekend:
Registration: $80
(Pay by 1/3/20
and save $15)


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Nov 26th 2019

Hotel Reservation Link

The travel page ( has been updated with our group reservation link.  That link is right here.

Note that, for those willing to drive around looking, you may find local empty or uncontrolled lots where you can enjoy free parking.  And some streets are free to park on weekends - read the meters.

Nov 25th 2019

GBC Workshop Added

GBC Workshop has been added to the lineup of games.  Stuart Roll and Lawrie George have designed, created, and packed all new GBC modules for this year's workshops!

The kit, after Bill Bourn's $6 support, costs $25 and is limited 1-per-person.  The workshop will seat up to 50 builders.  You are welcome to audit the class without purchasing the kit, or you can bring your own parts to build your own!  The instructions and parts list are available for download at www.BrickFair/GBC/ (it's labeled "2019 Kit").

See to sign-up for games that interest you.  We'll draw players about a week before the show.  Those selected to play will be notified by email.

Nov 25th 2019

Single Show Seeks Sexy LUG

Does your LUG want BrickFair?

BrickFair is looking to party in Spring 2021!  We need a place.  We need people.  BrickFair brings the framework and a ton of fun, but local AFOLs and LEGO fans are needed to make a truly successful party.

The ideal candidate LUG or group:

  • Wants BrickFair,
  • Has several prolific builders,
  • Can fill some tables with cool displays,
  • Includes people who like: playing, challenging, board-gaming, prize-winning,
  • Has members able to commit to a 4-day weekend of fun.

This show will be announced Spring 2020 and will be held in Spring 2021.

Share your thoughts!

Nov 25th 2019

World Of Lights

Remember to light up your MOCs!  World Of Lights is the neatest hour of the whole event where building lights are darkened and the only light sources are the LEGO street lamps, LEGO train lights, LEGO building interiors, etc.

Last year the BJCC gave us an extremely dark experience (in a good way) and has promised the same darkness going forward.  Woo hoo!

Oct 24th 2019

Occupied Room Tax

FYI, the City of Birmingham has just passed a $3.00 per occupied room tax.  This tax is effective immediately.  So you'll know what that is when you see it on your bill.

Sep 11th 2019


Our annual theme for 2020 is Dinosaurs!

Build a dinosaur.  Or incorporate dinosaurs into your MOC!  Have fun with it.

Mar 6th 2019

Alabama 2020 Scheduled

Thank you for your patience.  Our 9th annual BrickFair Alabama will be on our usual dates - Martin Luther King weekend!

We are not yet settled on the North or East Hall.  We'll keep you posted.

Registration is now open!