Chantilly, VA
July 28 - Aug 1, 2021


Jul 25th 2021

Game Seats Available

Hey Exhibitors, there's still seats available in CAH Vignette Build, Dirty Buildster KFOL (which isn't "adult" dirty), Exploding Kittens, First-Timer Draft, Munchkin, Parts Draft 1, Puerto Rico, and Small World.  There's playful competition to be enjoyed and LEGO prizes to be won, just sitting on the table.

Sign up for games at

Jul 23rd 2021

No Bounce Houses

Hey Public,

There will be no bounce houses at BrickFair VA next week.  Our flagship show is too large and popular, has too many exhibitors and too many awesome LEGO creations.  There's simply no room for the bounce houses at our Virginia show.

In the future our website home page will be dynamic and will list only relevant features for each show.  Alas right now our home page is a static list of features we own.

I apologize for any disappointment.  I like bounce houses too.


Jul 22nd 2021

Check-In Wednesday thru Friday

Hey Exhibitors,

Check-in at BrickFair between Wednesday noon and Friday midnight.

There is no Saturday check-in.

We're not just a public show; we have fun with our own company, play games, win prizes, and socialize.  Join us for the fun part!

Seriously, the check-in desk, all its supplies, and all the goodie bags are packed up Friday night. Do not attempt to check-in on Saturday morning; we are very busy tending to public preparations.  This is entirely on you.

Jul 16th 2021

Confirm Your Hotel Room

If you booked your Holiday Inn room via our BrickFair website, you should have by now called the hotel to provide payment info.  Don't procrastinate.  The Holiday Inn is booked solid the week of BrickFair.

Jul 12th 2021

Check-In Hours

Exhibitors and their families have specific check-in hours.  Our setup process and game playing fun is 3 full days!  There's plenty of time to check-in!  The check-in desk is not open full time.  See the schedule.

As the schedule says, check-in is not possible Saturday.  We are busy.  We are all very busy tending to the public.  Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday - those are your days for checking-in.

Thank you.

Jul 8th 2021

The OAT Race

And just like that, the temporarily closed Boat Race is replaced by the new OAT Race!

We're gettin' down to the wire.  Be sure to sign up for games if interested in mingling, having fun, winning LEGO, and such.

Jul 8th 2021

Pool Closed

Alas, the hotel pool is closed for the season. Virginia's Boat Race is canceled for this year :(

Jul 3rd 2021

Game Hosts Needed

We need exhibitors to host games.  Check out the openings. Host a game, get a little bit of LEGO for yourself :)

Jun 9th 2021

Map In Progress

We're working on the map, laying out the show.  You can help by registering your MOCs!  Exhibitor registration is how we organizers plan table space for each theme and club within show.  Gosh, it sure is helpful when everyone registers their MOCs early.  Register MOCs.

Jun 8th 2021

BrickFair VA Is a Public Show

Hey exhibitors, as expected Virginia regulations have loosened.  BF/VA is once again a public show, with our regular Saturday 10-5, Sunday 10-4 hours.  Some exhibitors and vendors bowed out due to health concerns but others are filling the gaps; our show will be packed wall-to-wall as usual.  LEGO Group is sending us prizes to augment our games, LEGO Master Builder Dan Steininger will host Bridge Build games for the public again, and during private days we'll be accompanied by a few LEGO Masters cast members too.

Jun 8th 2021

Brickmania, VA

Check out the Brickmania booth at BrickFair VA and see in person Dan Siskind's latest mega build - the USS Makin Island, over twenty feet long!  And of course visit the Brickmania store around the corner from the Dulles Expo Center.

Jun 7th 2021

Donate to the Charity Auction

Exhibitors at BrickFair Virginia, you will have access to the coolest LEGO auction all year.  Each year our silent auction and other efforts raise $10,000+ for children's charity.  You can bid and win unique, classic, and discontinued LEGO items.  You can donate to the auction!  Bring your unique LEGO collectible with you to the show and help children in need!

The auction is held Friday afternoon and is not open to the public.

Jun 3rd 2021

Avatar Tiles

Avatar tiles are back on the menu.  Visit your account page to upload your image.

Exhibitors, your avatar tile will be waiting for you in your goodie bag upon check-in.

May 27th 2021

We Do Expect a Public Show in Virginia

Hey kids and parents.  We do anticipate having a public show in Virginia this July 31 - August 1.  We are awaiting all CDC and Virginia rules to align, and we're waiting a week longer for those rules to remain.  Then we'll make it official.  Then we'll re-open VA tickets for online purchase (New Jersey tickets are available now).

We are now working toward a very full show, filling the entire Dulles Expo Center.

Expect an email with good news on June 8.

May 12th 2021


Hey Virginia exhibitors this is kind of a weird year.  This will be a tricky summer planning BF/VA as I'm sure we'll lose a lot of exhibitors but I don't know how many.  We're contracted for only the large hall but could expand to both halls.  That would require notice, so the DEC can hire additional staff, etc.  If you are planning to exhibit at Virginia this year please consider registering soon to help map out the show, determine if bounce houses are needed to fill space versus Derby will be dropped to make room for MOCs.

Thank you,

May 12th 2021

Virginia Is Growing

On 6 May the Virginia governor stated he plans to lift all occupancy and distancing restrictions by 15 June. It is anticipated the Dulles Expo Center will reopen at capacity. Masks will still be required.

Look for, hopefully, a 16 June announcement that BF/VA will resume public hours. Fingers crossed! Get vaccinated!

May 12th 2021

Claim Your Bed

For you Virginia exhibitors BrickFair is accepting hotel reservations on behalf of the Holiday Inn - as is our usual. Book your room.

May 10th 2021

Website Upgrades

During COVID I've edited the website. Alas since we've been shut down there haven't been as many users on the website, so newly created bugs haven't necessarily been found. If you experience a page crash please let me know by replying to any BrickFair email. Thanks!

May 1st 2021

Private Convention is On in VA

Our plan for BF/VA which will meet state restrictions beginning May 15:
- private convention is on.
- up to 1,000 people max.
- big hall only.
- same length, same days.

Public days July 31 - August 1 are currently on hold.

We hope state restrictions will loosen as convention-time draws near.  We hope for a public show.  At least we can plan for our own exhibitor entertainment and be that much more prepared when/if the public show is permitted.

We anticipate fewer than 1,000 exhibitors.  In 2019 we had 1,068 but due to COVID concerns this year shrinkage can be expected.  So the 1,000-person state imposed limit (come May 15) should not affect this show.  If interest grows and restrictions allow then we may go public and may expand into the small hall.

Refunds are always available upon request.    But we recommend waiting.  We're still hopeful for a public offering.  It is up to the state, the CDC, and the general health of the American people.

When/if the public option becomes available we may need to try something new to make best use of limited resources.  We may employ 3-hour "sessions" instead of full day tickets.  Or we may open a Friday session.  We're still brainstorming.

Public tickets for Virginia have been removed from our website until a public show can be assured.

Our fingers are crossed!  We're hopeful that next month brings good news for a public show.

Mar 25th 2021

Virginia Still On (So Far)

BrickFair Virginia is still green-lit, as far as we know.  We're preparing as if it's happening.  We are staying in touch with the Dulles Expo Center to ensure our safety expectations align with venue rules and state and federal mandates.  But, like last year, we are all watching and waiting as the world changes around us.  So we don't expect firm answers from the venue.  Therefore we can't give you one just yet.

The vaccine progress seems promising!

We plan to make final announcement, Yes or No, by May 1.

We'll keep working towards the show and you please keep your fingers crossed!

Oct 27th 2020

Virginia 2021, Our Next Best Hope

We know people miss the LEGO shows because they tell us in email.  Each round of BrickFair e-blast spurs replies and shared feelings.  The world keeps turning with or without us.  We who live for the convention circuit wait and see, wait and wonder.

Here at BrickFair we are playing a game called Chase The Date where each season brings another show rescheduled and another round of "what dates are available in 202X?" questions.  Venues have fewer staff working fewer hours, so communication slowly chugs along.  We are maintaining a parade of revolving, re-dated contracts and are thankful that our new dates have been agreeable.

BrickFair's lack of spam (we like to think) is because we, like you, are in hibernation.  Here at BrickFair everything moves slower these days.  But we're still working, still prepping for the next show.

We look forward to seeing everyone again as soon as possible - as soon as it is safe.

Your Friends at