Chantilly, VA
July 29 - Aug 2, 2020

Full Weekend:
Registration: $90
(Pay by 7/13/20
and save $20)


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Apr 29th 2020

COVID-19 Update

Q Is BrickFair Virginia still on?

A Yes, BrickFair VA is still on, but...

Our final decision on the Virginia show will (hopefully) be announced on June 2nd.  That's a month from now and seven weeks prior to show.

The State of Virginia has closed Dulles Expo Center until June 10.  At that time Virginia may end the venue shutdown or extend it.  We are hoping to announce our own status before then.

BrickFair's decision will be based on the infection rate at that time and on the advice of doctors and scientists.  We don't wish to contribute to a prolonged lockdown and we don't want to cause an infection cluster around our show.

Look for an update News e-blast around June 2, and we'll see you in August 2020 or 2021.

Your Friends at,

Apr 6th 2020

2020 Theme: DINOSAURS

A reminder to our exhibitors and builders that our annual theme across all 2020 shows is DINOSAURS!  See if you can mix a dinosaur into your MOCs :)

This theme suggested by Ian Warfield, Mike Bader, Ben Paczak, KC Ross, Jeffrey Fishman, and Tristin Brewer.

Apr 1st 2020

Another Coronavirus Email

Q How will the COVID-19 Coronavirus affect BrickFair Virginia this August?

A We are hoping the virus is less vigilant than our government.  We realize that's a long shot, but our fingers are crossed.

There are currently no plans to cancel BrickFair Virginia.

Some exhibitors may drop out over viral fears.  But our VA show is so large (almost 1,100 exhibitors) that we still anticipate a great show.  If enough exhibitors cancel we may gain space for the return of our bounce houses.

BrickFair has Purell hand sanitizer stations at all of our hands-on interactive builds for your protection.

For now stay home, stay safe, and hopefully we'll see you in August.

Your Friends at,

Feb 22nd 2020

Book Hotel Directly

The Holiday Inn has decided this year to take room reservations the old fashioned way.  To book your room, call the hotel directly or visit their website using our special link found at

The current room rate is $129.  Our group rate is $119.  Holiday Inn club members rate is $114 (without our group code).

The few AFOLs who booked early on BrickFair's website have already been contacted by the Holiday Inn to complete their reservations.

Feb 19th 2020

New Standard Badges

The badge change you see on your account page is intentional.  BrickFair will now have a standard badge across all events.

The colors shown online may not match the badges used at the event.  You'll have to see when you arrive.  The 1x1 bricks might also differ.

A surprise, to be sure.  But a welcome one!