Chantilly, VA
Chantilly, VA
August 3 - 7, 2022


May 17th 2022

Bricklink to BrickFair

Eight attendees to BF/VA are offering free shipping to BrickFair for sales in the Bricklink stores. By the time BF/VA arrives there will likely be 15 or more offering. Many also chip in store discounts to boot.

For your last-minute LEGO needs consider the convenience of your LEGO order coming direct to you at the show. See the list of people shipping free to BF/VA.

May 6th 2022

Vignette Brickee

The Best Vignette will return this August as a FOL-voted trophy. Last year we made is staff-voted, but we heard comments about its "absence" from voting. So this year we're putting it back.

There are many Brickees - 27 for you to vote on and 12 awarded by staff. You don't have to vote on all 27. But try to pick one or two trophies that interest you and give those MOCs some love.

Voting is by registered exhibitors on BrickFair Saturday.

Apr 14th 2022

Autostereogram, by Chris Dunkle

Our first presentation is on the schedule. See the schedule.

Do you have something you're passionate about and want to share with the LEGO community? Host a 45-minute seminar for your fellow attendees. Interested potential speakers (exhibitors only) contact us with your idea!

Mar 19th 2022

Yard Sale

Exhibitors, we're bringing more tables to the Yard Sales in Chantilly this summer. Our previous 70-table swap meets will now have 100 tables. So everyone can participate in these private after-hours sales.

Mar 16th 2022

New Games

Exhibitors, this year we're trying some new games for you.  Last year a group hosted their own Double Blind Build game so this year we added it officially.  Donna Neulinger suggested Build In A Hand so we added that too.

See the schedule.  Note that it will change before showtime.

Feb 18th 2022

BrickFair Virginia on the Schedule

Kids, BF/VA'22 is on the schedule! Our private convention is in Chantilly VA this August 3 - 7 with public days August 6 - 7. Hotel info to follow soon.

See you there :)