Chantilly, VA
July 28 - Aug 1, 2021

Full Weekend:
Registration: $90
(Pay by 7/12/21
and save $20)


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Mar 25th 2021

Virginia Still On (So Far)

BrickFair Virginia is still green-lit, as far as we know.  We're preparing as if it's happening.  We are staying in touch with the Dulles Expo Center to ensure our safety expectations align with venue rules and state and federal mandates.  But, like last year, we are all watching and waiting as the world changes around us.  So we don't expect firm answers from the venue.  Therefore we can't give you one just yet.

The vaccine progress seems promising!

We plan to make final announcement, Yes or No, by May 1.

We'll keep working towards the show and you please keep your fingers crossed!

Oct 27th 2020

Virginia 2021, Our Next Best Hope

We know people miss the LEGO shows because they tell us in email.  Each round of BrickFair e-blast spurs replies and shared feelings.  The world keeps turning with or without us.  We who live for the convention circuit wait and see, wait and wonder.

Here at BrickFair we are playing a game called Chase The Date where each season brings another show rescheduled and another round of "what dates are available in 202X?" questions.  Venues have fewer staff working fewer hours, so communication slowly chugs along.  We are maintaining a parade of revolving, re-dated contracts and are thankful that our new dates have been agreeable.

BrickFair's lack of spam (we like to think) is because we, like you, are in hibernation.  Here at BrickFair everything moves slower these days.  But we're still working, still prepping for the next show.

We look forward to seeing everyone again as soon as possible - as soon as it is safe.

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