Answers vary with each show.  Highlighted info and highlighted info is unique to Virginia '24.

BrickFair is a free-roaming show to be enjoyed at your own pace.  We suggest 2 hours or more to see everything.

BrickFair accepts credit and debit cards, cash, and checks.  Most vendors accept credit cards.  An ATM is on-site; we cannot guarantee it is functional or loaded.

You'll need the $25 entrance fee, and money for buying LEGO stuff and lunch.

BrickFair VA 2024 is hosted at the Dulles Expo Center with all concrete floors.

The DEC has an on-site cafeteria.

Other restaurants are nearby.

Concessions is contracted with the venue and operates autonomously from BrickFair.  We cannot answer questions about them.

Our contract with the DEC prohibits outside food.

Junior's cheerios are acceptable.

Yes, the show is on one floor, and our aisles are wheelchair friendly.

See our exhibitors' travel page.

We gladly accept genuine LEGO brand parts.  Donated LEGO will be cleaned and sorted by our volunteers, then sold at our event (in Virginia) to raise money for our children's charity.  Please contact us to donate, and thank you.

Public Exhibitor
(or less)
($95 before Jul 13th)
1 day 5 days til 11pm
View MOCs Exhibit MOCs
Bingo 98 games/events
Shopping Shopping
Door prizes
LEGO brick badge
Goodie bag

Public pages on this site are in color.  Exhibitor pages are black-and-white.

Public visitors of all ages are welcome.  Children 3-years and younger do not need tickets.

Bounce houses have height limits and games may have age limits.

Yes, you can get a hand-stamp at the exit for same-day re-entry.

Public visitors should not bring LEGO into BrickFair.  Models on display are created by our registered exhibitors.  Consider exhibiting!

Pronounced "ay-fole," AFOL is an Adult Fan Of LEGO.  BrickFair is run by AFOLs, for AFOLs.

Pronounced "mock," a MOC is My Own Creation.  Anything we build which isn't an official LEGO company design, regardless of size or success, is a MOC.  The key BrickFair feature is our collection of awesome MOCs by local AFOLs.

Absolutely!  Vendors will be there selling all sorts of LEGO goodies.

BrickFair comes just a few times each year.

Strollers are not permitted in the expo.
It stinks; we know.  We're sorry.

Longer explanation.

Photography is encouraged!  Take pictures and share them on live from the event!

Short answer:   BrickFair does not join other events.

Here's a longer, more helpful answer.