Fredericksburg, VA
Fredericksburg, VA
March 7 - 10, 2024


Feb 28th 2024

Check-In Desk Hours

Exhibitors, please note the check-in desk hours. Saturday check-in is not possible. We're busy entertaining the public. Please join the rest of us for private convention fun Thurs/Friday.

Feb 26th 2024


Exhbitors, we made the Great Ball Contraption loop adjustable. We can grow! Depending on how many modules you bring. And we're including several past GBC kits as game prizes, so hopefully we lure you in. GBC will grab you by the.

Feb 21st 2024

Food Court Hours

Exhibitors, the venue food court will be open for exhibitors for lunch FRIDAY 11:00am - 4:00pm. They'll also be open an extra hour after public on Saturday, until 6:00pm.

Note: The venue's round tables are for eating. Our 6' tables are for our games, not eating. Our tables will be removed before public day.

Feb 17th 2024

Draw Big, Draw Small

Exhibitors, we're trying a new game in this show to encourage more builds in our annual theme. Draw Big's 6 prizes and Draw Small's 6 prizes will go to builders of UFO models.

Sunday afternoon, after trophies have been awarded and distributed, the Draw Big/Draw Small host will select 6 players for each game. Simply attend the game Sunday afternoon (during public hours) for a quick draw to see what LEGO prize you won. That's it!

Happy Building

Feb 17th 2024

Great Ball Contraption is Coming!

UPDATE to our earlier post dated Feb. 5. After our recent email blast a few AFOLs stepped up to ensure that GBC is present at BrickFair FXBG.

Exhibitors if you were thinking about joining the GBC this is your time to shine!

Look for GBC in a future map update.

Feb 16th 2024

Bingo for LEGO

Public visitors, BINGO is included with your ticket! Bingo is hosted twice - noon and 2:00pm - both Saturday and Sunday. Use pennies or dimes to cover your board (or we'll sell you 30 LEGO pieces for $3 to use as chips). Play to win!

See the schedule.

Feb 13th 2024

Copied MOCs, LUGs

Exhibitors, if you copied MOCs from a previous show, and were displayed in a COLLAB or LUG, please verify that your MOCs copied correctly. Often the collab/LUG for the upcoming show hasn't been added yet (requested by an AFOL) until after you copied MOCs. When you copy MOCs from a LUG/COLLAB to a new show where that LUG/COLLAB doesn't exist, your MOC is still copied, but to a theme.

Please verify your MOCs' LUG/collabs versus themes. Thank you!

Feb 12th 2024

Avatar Tile

Exhibitors, let me explain the Avatar Tile. It's a free custom-printed LEGO element. That is all. It will be in your goodie bag upon check-in. Upload any picture you want and we'll print it on a white tile for you. To buy a one-off custom printed piece would typically cost a few bucks. Yours is included in your goodie bag - only if you upload an image at your account page.

Feb 6th 2024

Map Growth

MOC registration is way up over last year (+40%). We're squeezing out some gratuitous aisles and dropping some features to make room for the LEGO.

  • A few LUGs have blown up. RVA LUG and HARDLUG are double their size from last year. Charm City LUG and WAMALUG each grew into their own islands.
  • No CORNHOLE this show.
  • 1 of 2 monochrome areas will appear. GREEN BUILD returns but AQUA BUILD will sit out.

See the map.

Feb 5th 2024

Great Ball Contraption

Hey exhibitors, for the first time in BrickFair history we're seeing no GBC modules registered. It's looking like we won't have a GBC display this show :( If you'd like to see GBC alive in FXBG please register your MOCs and someone please step up to man the island.

I appreciate you exhibitors getting those registrations in early, helping us to grow and sway with the theme changes.

Feb 1st 2024

Big Boy

See Mark Staffa's Union Pacific 4014 Big Boy at BrickFair Fredericksburg :)

Jan 28th 2024

Register Your MOCs

Exhbitors, please register the MOCs you're bringing. This year's show is a couple weeks sooner than last year. Don't let it sneak up on you. The show map is being drawn up now and will be finalized soon.

Be sure we know what you're bringing and save space for you by registering your MOCs.

Jan 27th 2024

Bridge Build with Master Dan

Kids, join LEGO Master Builder Dan Steininger and help build the strongest Duplo bridge. Race to finish and beat your competition! Join us Saturday & Sunday March 9 & 10 at 11:00am, 1:00pm, and 3:00pm for each round cf challenges.

Bridge Build, Putt-Putt, Art Gallery, Green Build, Bingo, Stay & Play, bounce houses, Duplo Pit, and endless MOCs all included with entry!

GET TICKETS. Use promo code STEININGER to save HALF OFF until Feb. 9th.

Jan 17th 2024

Tickets / Exhibitors

Public tickets are on sale now for our Fredericksburg, VA show this March. Public tickets for our August show won't go on sale until after FXBG passes.

Exhibitors and would-be exhibitors can view any show by clicking USA LEGO EVENTS in the upper right corner of the website.

Jan 16th 2024

More MOC Tables

Exhibitors, the FXBG map is in progress. We've dropped the Cornhole in favor of more MOC tables. Please consider packing a few more MOCs for your trip. Help us put on a great show!

Just 6 weeks away! :)

Jan 15th 2024

BrickFair Emails

Sorry for the bumps. The site migration skewered our emails a bit. Some are not receiving BrickFair emails. We are working to correct this.

Jan 4th 2024

Avatar Tiles Added

Exhibitors, avatar tiles have been added to the goodie bag in BF/FXBG. That means you exhibitors need to visit your account page and upload an avatar image. Your custom printed White 2x2 tile will be in your goodie bag upon check-in!

(the avatar upload bugs have been fixed!)

Dec 20th 2023

Tickets On Sale Now

Thank you for your patience as we improved our website. Online ticket sales are open now.


Merry Christmas!

Nov 6th 2023

Tickets Schedule

Hi public visitors.  In our effort to reduce confusion between shows, tickets for Chantilly (August) will go on sale after BrickFair FXBG (March) passes.

BrickFair FXBG 2024
Mar 9 - Mar 10 2024
Fredericksburg Expo Center
2371 Carl D. Silver Parkway
Fredericksburg, VA 22401

TICKETS WILL BE ON SALE Dec 10 2023 - Mar 7 2024.

BrickFair Chantilly 2024
Aug 3 - 4 2024
Dulles Expo Center
4320 Chantilly Shopping Center
Chantilly, VA 20151

TICKETS WILL BE ON SALE Mar 17 2024 - July 31 2024.

Online sales close before show date but cashiers await you at the door. All online tickets are discounted. All at-the-door tickets are full price.

We've not been forced to close early since the first LEGO MOVIE released in 2014. Selling-out of tickets is generally not a concern. Expect to wait 15 minutes in the cash/credit line.

We'll see you in 2024 :)

Nov 5th 2023

BrickFair Not In Birmingham

A reminder to our fans that BrickFair is not returning to Alabama.  There are several LEGO fan shows in the USA.  BrickFair is just one of them.  After 10 fun years at the BJCC in Birmingham, AL BrickFair has ceased shows there.

At this time BrickFair has no plans to foray outside Virginia.

These other LEGO fan shows (not affiliated with BrickFair) are coming soon:

Huntsville AL Nov 18-19, 2023
BrickUniverse, a competitor show that's been running for years.

Mobile AL in Sept. 2024
Greyson Beights, the kid who originated BrickUniverse has split from his family and is now running Brick Convention.

Birmingham AL December 16-17 2023
Brikcfestlive is moving into BrickFair's old venue, the BJCC.  This show relies on paid builders.

BrickFair is not affiliated with these competitor shows.  Be aware that different shows offer different features.  Different shows generate different atmospheres. Some shows evoke more fun from their exhibitors than others.  Check out their websites and search for reviews.  BrickFair cannot answer questions about other shows.

Oct 18th 2023

Website Outage

The website will be offline part of November for maintenance and migration. I cannot predict exactly when the site will go down or return, but on-screen messages should update accordingly.

Public tickets (March/Fredericksburg) will go on sale in December, before Christmas. Public tickets (August/Chantilly) will go on sale after the Fredericksburg show passes.

Sep 28th 2023


Our theme for 2024 is UFOs! Look to BrickFair in 2024 for all your UFO and UFO accessory needs.

Our annual theme sparks new ideas in our exhibitors and gives each show a unique flavor year after year.

Aug 29th 2023

Registration Open

Exhibitors, registration is open for BF/FXBG'24!

Jun 17th 2023

Fredericksburg, VA 2024

I am pleased to announce BF/FXBG'24 will be at the Fredericksburg Expo Center next April 25-28, 2024. Public days are Sat/Sun April 27-28 2024.

Exhibitor registration will open shortly after BF/NoVa'23 passes.

4 JULY 2023

The Fredericksburg Expo Center had an earlier week open up for us.

BF/FXBG'24 will be held March 7-10 2024!

Public days are Sat/Sun March 9-10, 2024.