Edison, NJ
September 21 - 24, 2017


News for exhibitors.  Our occasional "BrickFair News" emails are culled directly from this page.

Sep 18th 2017

Map Posted Online

See the expo map at www.BrickFair.com/Schedule.

See you there :)

Sep 16th 2017

First-Timer Answers

Hello First-Timer,

The expo hall opens at 9:00am Thursday, so you are welcome to come in and look around.  However check-in doesn't open until 12:00 noon Thursday and per our rules there is to be no LEGO on tables until noon.  Theme Leaders need a chance to look around, verify their tables are set correctly and leveled as needed.

For all other venue hours, please see the schedule online.

Now that you're looking at the schedule page, yes, the map is very late.  We do not have the full venue to ourselves as expected, so I'm redrawing the map.  I'm sorry the map won't be done in time for us to get excited about it.  You'll just have to see it in your program guide.

BrickFair rents bare tables and chairs from a decorator.  BF supplies our own white linens to cover tables.  Linens are 90 inches the long way - that's enough to go up the front (30"), across the top (30"), and down the exhibitor side (another 30"). This keeps the underside, where we store our boxes, LEGO, laptops, lunch trash, etc, hidden from view from the public :)  Exhibitors are invited to help their Theme Leaders verify tables and set linens!

Upon arrival you will find floor pads waiting for you at your area.  All vendor and MOC areas are provided some floor pads to make your weekend more bearable on the venue's concrete floors.  Please do not take floor pads from others' areas.  We have more hidden somewhere if you need them.  Your chairs will be folded up, atop your tables when the first people arrive.  Please do not take chairs from others' areas.

MOCs are typically set up once, left on display all weekend, and packed up Sunday night.  If you plan to leave early, please indicate this on your account page.  MOC theft is almost a non-issue.  Just don't put your most expensive minifigs or rarest parts on the front of your MOC, close the public; don't tempt fate.  You will see vendors cover their tables and product with sheets to discourage late night shopping.  This is not needed for MOC areas.  The worst loss we're likely to experience during the show will be one or two minifigs disappear, and vendors will suffer some loss due to shoplifting during public hours.  We all strive to keep an eye on each other's belongings.

First-Timer Dirty Buildster is a game that gives each player a free cup for LEGO parts.  And only first-timers are allowed to play!  So the odds really are ever in your favor.  This game hosts 15 players but only 6 have signed-up so far :\

It's so close!  It's so close, oh my gosh!!

Sep 15th 2017


A new twist on an old game - Guesstimate jars are no longer limited to public hours.  A few jars of LEGO parts will be set up on Thursday and Friday, for exhibitors only.  Closest guess wins the jar, so there's always a winner.

Exhibitors, all registered FOLs, are welcome to enter the Guesstimate contest for every jar, including public days (competing with the public).  The Thursday and Friday jars are for FOLs only; less competition :)

Sep 14th 2017

Check-In Desk Hours

Hey kids, please note the check-in desk hours on the schedule.  The only official check-in hours are on Thursday and Friday, until 8:00pm.

If arriving outside the designated time, you must be prepared to wait around a half hour while we find someone to check you in, and locate your goodie bag and badge.

If playing in a game or attending some other function, we recommend arriving at least an hour ahead of time.  It may take that long to acclimate yourself to the LEGO party atmosphere.

Sep 12th 2017

Habitats Collab Added

By request, the Habitats collab has been added to the website.  If you're planning to bring a Habitat module you can register it to the Habitats collab :)