Secaucus, NJ
October 31 - Nov 3, 2019



Our 2019 theme is THE MOON & BEYOND!  Every exhibitor and every MOC is invited to participate in our annual theme.

Some of us need inspiration to build anew, to build in different directions.  Regardless where your MOC is displayed, or in which theme you registered, consider incorporating THE MOON & BEYOND into your display!

The "Best THE MOON & BEYOND" Brickee is awarded to the MOC voted the best.  Plus four other MOCs will receive a small LEGO prize for their THE MOON & BEYOND-iness.

Past examples:

MUSIC: A life-size violin!

LOVE: A small wedding scene within a larger display.

WIND & AIR: Not an easy theme! A tornado :)

MUSIC: Pipe organ.

NASA: Mosaic of NASA logo.

NASA: Micro space shuttle.

FIRE: Artistic Yin-Yang mosaic.

FIRE: Simple firecrackers :)

MUSIC: A heavy metal band.