Chantilly, VA
Chantilly, VA
July 31 - Aug 4, 2024


Vignette Swap

Vignette Swap was a new game introduced at BrickFair VA 2015.  It was popular from the start, with 23 participants in its debut run.  Look for the game at your event at

That first game also introduced this awesome little cube.  It's perfect for vignettes, and very affordable.

The cube's interior is 12x12 studs (strict!) and is 12 bricks + 1 plate + 1 tile tall (again, strict!).  One full plate "disappears" inside the base leaving only the studs sticking up.

The cube can be purchased from AMAC Packaging and they are available at our Bling Desk.  Participants in the swap game receive a cube for free.

See examples.  A vignette captures a moment in time and is usually very small.