Chantilly, VA
August 3 - 4, 2019


BrickFair welcomes one sponsor per show.
If you wish to vend LEGO-related products, at a lower cost than sponsorship, see the vendor info page.

Sponsor receives:

Exclusivity. We accept only one sponsor per show.
Right to Vend. Use your booth to promote and/or vend.
Unique Presence. You may promote and/or vend non-LEGO product.  You will be the only non-LEGO vendor at our show.
300 square foot Booth. Upon request, your booth includes tables and tablecloths, chairs, and floor pads free of charge.
Front Row. Your booth will be situated closest to the main entrance, ahead of all other vendors and most displays.  You will likely be the first thing public guests see when entering.
Exhibitor Badges. Four (4) all-access badges for staff.  Our badges are real LEGO bricks engraved with your company name - or the wording of your choice.  Our badges are fun and playful.  The public loves them!
Public Tickets. Eight (8) public visitor tickets to distribute as desired.  These are ideal for promoting your presence at our show via raffle or giveaway.
Web Link. Your banner prominently displayed on our website reinforcing public branding and encouraging click-throughs.
Branding Opportunities. Other at-event branding opportunities we're happy to discuss.  Send us your ideas!

Contact us.  Sponsorship fee for BrickFair VA 2019 is $5,500.  (BF/VA'18 hosted 11,510 public visitors.)