Chantilly, VA
July 28 - Aug 1, 2021

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Registration: $90
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World Of Lights
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World Of Lights

Every exhibitor is invited to light up their MOC!  World Of Lights is a period of utter darkness (or as much darkness as the venue's emergency lighting will permit) where lighted MOCs take center stage.  It's a beautiful and cerebral event to behold.

Any MOC can be lighted.  There are no rules or guidelines.  A simple row of streetlights is very nice.  Or a working train engine headlight blazing the tracks ahead.  Or a glowing UFO hovering above.  The night's the limit!

World Of Lights example 1

Modular Friends Bakery by Jon Lazar is the perfect example of basic indoor lighting done well for great effect.

MicroGARCs by Simon Liu uses blacklights (and his own black canopy to ensure darkness) to make his Space display glow in the night.

World Of Lights example 2

Most builders use systems designed specifically for LEGO.  These fall under our short list of acceptable aftermarket, AFOL-designed products - because they're cool :)

The most commonly used systems are:

by Rob Klingberg

User Review: Integrate very well into LEGO, and have beautiful, professional website and packaging.  The flickering gas light effect is awesome.

by Rob Hendrix

User Review: The better-priced system with good explanations of how things work.  Sells convenient starter kit.

by Rob Harnden

User Review: