Secaucus, NJ
September 23 - 26, 2021

Vendor Info

This page updated August 9, 2017

Vendors are invited to distribute flyers.

Flyers in Goodie Bag

Supply as many flyers as you like.  We recommend 140+.  In New Jersey in 2021 we anticipate ~140 registrants.

Typically only one or two vendors opt to give goodie bag flyers.  Deliver these to BrickFair on time and we'll insert them for you.

Deadline: If sending paper-only flyers, they must be received by Sep 18th 2021.  If sending bulky flyers (ie: LEGO swag), they must be received by Sep 6th 2021.  After these dates, you are welcome to bring flyers and insert them yourself at the event - a task we do not recommend.

Exit Table

The Exit Table was phased out and is no longer an option.

To supply flyers, you can:

A) Bring your flyers to Secaucus yourself, or

B) Mail flyers to our mailing address.