Secaucus, NJ
September 23 - 26, 2021

Vendor Info

New Jersey-Specific:

Vendors are required to register with the State Of New Jersey and to collect 7% tax on all sales.

I have non-vendor questions.

See the FAQ page.

How many tables may I buy?

The max is 5 tables per vendor.
Other events may have different limits.

What's the deadline to buy a vendor table?

The deadline is whenever tables sell out.
Historically tables sell out in under a minute, when they go on sale at midnight.

Can I get on a wait-list for a vendor table?

Yes.  Put yourself on the wait-list here.

Note: the wait-list closes automatically once the table-count (map drawn) is finalized, and there are 4+ names on the wait-list.

Is there anything I can do to increase my chances of getting a vendor table?

A few tables went on sale Thursday, Mar 25th 2021.  Be the first on the wait-list now.

Is there anything else I can do to get a table?


Why did so few tables go on sale Mar 25th 2021?

70% of planned vendor tables are reserved for specific returning vendors.  If you are a returning vendor, The Math page explains your place in this list.

What's the cost for a vendor table?

Vendor tables are $300 each at this event.  Prices differ at other events.

This $300 is in addition to your registration fee.  Everyone must register and pay to attend.

Can I bribe someone to get a table?


Is my merchandise okay to sell at your event?

Products must be LEGO-related.  See the rules.

I'm a vendor, where do I setup?

Each vendor will select their tables in turn, primarily by size, largest to smallest.  You will be emailed a few weeks prior to the event.

My friend is a vendor already, I'm gonna buy one of his tables.

No you're not.  See the rules.  There is no circumventing the wait-list.  Everyone has the same fair chance to get tables.

Will I have access to electricity?


What color are the badges?

Badge colors change each year, and sometimes differ between events.  This event they look like this:

BrickFair NJ2021
Person Name
3rd Brick

Font color: Bright Light Orange (#fcac00)
Badge color: Dark Azure (#469bc3)
Alt. color: Bright Light Orange (#fcac00)

When am I required to be at my table?

You are free to come and go, be open or closed for business, any time you wish.  Less than half the vendors, typically, arrive on opening (private) day for sales to AFOLs and to participate in AFOL fun.  Many more vendors arrive and set up on Friday to prepare for weekend public business.

When can I move in and set up?

The (private) event begins Thursday, Sep 23rd.  The move-in rule for all vendor and MOC areas is: No LEGO on the table until 12:00 noon.  Vendors are welcome to arrive as early as 9:00am to load-in boxes.

Vendor Payment Deadline:

All vendor tables must be paid 30 days prior to the show.  After Tuesday, Aug 24th 2021 unpaid vendor tables are automatically forfeited to the wait-list.

Refund Policy:

Refund requests must be received prior to the event:

  • 30 days prior (8/24/2021) = Full refund
  • 21 days prior (9/2/2021) = 75% refund
  • 14 days prior (9/9/2021) = 50% refund
  • 10 days prior (9/13/2021) = 33% refund
  • 9 days or later = no refund

To request a refund, contact us.  See also registration refund policy.