Chantilly, VA
Chantilly, VA
July 31 - Aug 4, 2024

Vendor Info

This page updated October 6, 2020


Virginia vendors (and family) are permitted to sell in Yard Sales only if table space allows. Tables are limited. If a family member wants to sell LEGO stuff, I recommend that vendor provide an "island table" in front of their booth during AFOL days.
  • Island Tables added October 6, 2020

    • You may place additional tables in front of your booth during AFOL/setup days, creating an "island" of additional product.
    • These must be removed and aisles fully cleared by 8:59pm Friday night.
      Do not make BF staff panic and worry, wondering where you are Friday night.
    • Island tables forbidden after 8:59pm Friday.
      Do not recreate islands later.  Remainder of weekend is all-clear-aisles.
    • Island tables are limited in quantity.
      Single-table vendor = max 1 island table, 2-tabler = max 1 island, 3-tabler = 2 island, 4-tabler = 3 island, and 5-tabler = 3 island.
    • These must be islands.
      Do not create dead-ends or additional long aisles.  AFOLs must easily walk completely around island tables (an island consisting of 2 tables abutting is acceptable).
    • Do not block exits, by any measure, not even for a moment.
      If your booth is directly in front of an exit, you are prohibited from using island tables.
    • Supply these tables yourself; they are not included in your rent.
      We/the venue hopefully have tables to spare, but do not assume.
    • Maintain minimum 8-feet between your island tables and the vendor across from you.
      Fire code requires minimum 10 feet aisles but we often get away with these island tables set only during private days.  We must all be prepared to obey venue personnel instructions to meet fire code.
    • Maintain minimum 4-feet between your island tables and the vendor next to you.
      Single-table vendors may squeeze down to their mapped 30 inches between neighbors.

Rest of page unchanged since August 6, 2017

  • LEGO Products Only

    • Products must be LEGO-related.
      No ice cream, no gutter service, no bicycles, etc.
    • No competition brands.
      K'Nex, Playmobil, MegaBlox, etc, are forbidden.
    • No cheap copycats.
      The U.S. market is being flooded with (Chinese) copycat LEGO pieces, copycat entire LEGO sets, and copycat AFOL custom molded products.  These are all forbidden.  Exceptions will be determined on a case-by-case basis, with the most likely exceptions being 1) AFOL custom molders, and 2) Third party lighting products.  To clarify: nobody can compete with knockoff $1 minifigs.
  • Vendors Relate Directly with BrickFair and Only with BrickFair

    • No sub-letting to others.
    • No re-selling tables to others.
    • No sharing tables with others.
    • No "lending some space" to others.
    • No sharing accounts with other vendors.
    • No circumventing the wait-list.
    • Limit one cash register per vendor space.
    Consignment, where one vendor entity is selling from one booth, is okay.
  • Table Space

    • No re-arranging tables.
      You may remove unwanted tables to use your own fixtures.  You may not grow into aisles.
    • You are entitled to some of the aisle-space in front of you.
      The opposite vendor is entitled to some.  Clear aisle-space between vendors is required.
    • No LEGO on display before 12:00 noon Wednesday.
      Early box move-in (no LEGO on table) is 9:00am Wednesday.
    • Do not block doors, at all, not even for a moment.
  • Advertising

    • Do not duplicate BrickFair's Facebook event page.
      This is counterintuitive to the Facebook layout and confusing to all Facebook users.  This weakens BrickFair's own efforts to attract traffic into our shows.  Link directly to BrickFair's established event pages.
      Our facebook event ID for BF/VA'24 is: 708317401078033
    • Advertising is permitted within your vendor space.
      Please no duct tape on venue walls or columns.
    • Flyer distribution is permitted outside the expo hall (in lobby/vestibule).
    • Flyer distribution is permitted outside the building (parking lot).
    • Flyers may be placed inside goodie bags.  See how-to.
  • Other

    • Products must be clearly and easily identifiable to public visitors.
      Public visitors must be able to easily differentiate, within reason, between LEGO brand versus custom-molded products, and between new versus used products.  The AFOL convention circuit is having an impact on LEGO brand customer service.  BrickFair seeks to minimize brand confusion and reduce customer frustration.  Customers purchasing used products must not be told to call the LEGO company for replacement parts.
    • No food or drink sales.
      This is a venue rule, and is consistent across all venues.
    • BrickFair name and/or logo used by written permission only, on a case-by-case basis.
      All unsold BrickFair items, at the end of the event, must be donated to BrickFair - so produce only what you're confident will sell.
    • Vendors may not sell at Yard Sales.
      Yes, you, as an AFOL and vendor, are prohibited from selling at Yard Sales.
    • All transactions - selling and buying - must take place in your vendor booth, or completely outside the building.
      Not your neighbor's booth, not the aisle, not the empty table next to you - your vendor booth.